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Hi all,


Wanted to bring up a new "feature" of iOS 6 - probably already has been discussed here a few times, but this is a real pain and something that I think Apple has backwards.


My wife, daughter and I each have an iPhone 4, and son has an iPod Touch.  All of us have upgraded to iOS 6, and we all share one Apple ID.


Everyone is able to turn iMessage on without any issue, but - every OTHER device is given the option of accepting messages sent to the newly activated device.  They can either accept or deny the ability to do so, but then going into the iMessage settings they can reactivate this "feature." 


Shouldn't the setup be that when activating iMessage from a device, it gives THAT device and only that device the option of whether the other devices have the ability to send / receive messages?


We were all wondering why on earth we were all receiving iMessages from friends of my wife, friends of my daughter, people I work with, etc.  It's a huge hassle - so much so that we have all turned iMessage off. 


Big disappointment in this implementation - the option to share should be owned by the device that is turned on, not the other devices that are already on the account. 





iOS 6
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