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Succesful install of iOS6. There has been no freezing or malfunctioning of the handset.


The problem however is that the handset will now not sync with pc.


I have tried the usb - 'device not recognized', and also wifi - cannot see iphone on that either. Help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    if device is not recognized try changing ports, try using a different usb cable if you have one. if not, you need to uninstall itunes in this exact order-


  • Appletini6 Level 3 (830 points)

    changing USB ports is what i meant to say sorry.

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    I have the same or very similar issue. i have iphone 4s and windows 7. while on ios5 all was perfect. one day i updated itunes, then phone to ios6. next morning i plug iphone to computer and it's not recognized. it doesn't;t show up anywhere. not on the control panel, not on itunes, nor under system properties. the iphone does charge when plugged with USB to the computer.

    things i've tried:

    reinstalling ios6, since then i also performed the upgrade to ios6.0.1.

    i've followed the instructions to uninstall all apple programs, itunes, QuickTime... restart , confirm all files/folders are deleted, and reinstall. still nothing.

    it's very frustrating not being able to save my photos to my computer anymore, update music, nor access files on apps like goodreader and others. i didn't have a icloud sync setup and now since the iphone is not recognized i can't do it either.