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    Really not sure why everyone is getting so upset. I took the above advice, called the Apple store and they shipped me Snow Leopard for $20. Took it to a local Apple store where they installed it and a memory upgrade no charge in under 2 hours. I took it home, installed iTunes upgrade and synced the new phone in about a half hour. Didn't lose anything. I'm planning on my 5 year old Mac lasting another 5 years.


    Thanks to everyone for the assistance!

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    I may not be as smart as you, but will sure try again. Will call Apple to see if they will give me a free upgrade. Thank you a lot for you help. I was very excited this morning when I bought the phone and this issue made me upset. I'm definitely not paying for the software. It seems to me that Apple found new way to suck more money out of their fans which makes me more mad. 

    And more over its not fair when 7 year old windows XP computer can update  latest iTunes and not 4 year old Mac.


    I appreciate your help again.

    Thank You :-)

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    I too have fallen victim of this same predicament and refuse to update my OS. My computer supports SL, however, I should not have to struggle with the complications or ordering the disc, backing up all my data, installing and crossing my fingers that everything works smoothly... I think I have found a work around solution. I have Windows XP partitioned on my MacBook. I'm going to download itunes 10.7 on the XP partitioned side and drag all my itune songs into that library and sync using that OS. Wish me luck. Oh and middle fingers to you apple.

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    Just spent two hours trying to figure this out. It's ridiculous that we have to pay so much for extras. Thanks everyone for helping, going to buy Snow Leopard now.

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    I am trying to update my iTunes to 10 .7 over the past few dayss, but the Apple web site has had the update link grayed out / inactive.  When I tried plan B, updating via software updates, I got an error message that referred to some carrier issue with my iPhone, which was not even connected.  I'm running OS 10.6.8 on my MacBook, have a 3-series iPhone (version 3.1.2), and an earlier iPad, which has also been updated.  But  nothing seems updatable, or synchable anymore, nor can I use the iCloud.  Most of the apps on my iPhone no longer work since i need iS 5.0, which I cannot download because my MacBook is over 2 years old.   The only thing that works is updating my music from my iPhone to the MacBook.  Any ideas other than trashing perfectly good hardware and strting all over?




    A more general comment.  I started five or six years ago in absolute awe of Apple products and service and still own APPL stock.  But over the years, my experience has deteriorated to the point that I feel trapped in an Apple "eco-system" that is incredibly user-unfriendly, with almost no after sales support and service.  My expereince with the text-based support has been appalling.  After 15 minutes, if the tech can't solve the program he or she simply abandons the "conversation" with no explanation.  In-store Genius Bar support (I had extended warranty / service) is not much better, but after 20 minutes thay'll have you call a 1-800 number and talk to some tech, who, if they cannot solve the problem after an hour or two, will also just drop the call.  Mobile Me suckd up maybe 10 hours of my time and still could not be fixed.  BTW, my down the street store is bedlam -- as in fire dept. about-to-shut-it-down crowded.  Again, appallingly bad service.  Folks pay premium prices for Apple service, yet they get Office Depot/Dell-like service.  We're relegated to DIY boards like this one. 

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    Ha!  I subscribed to their service and still could not get the help I needed.  They either dropped the call (if it took more than an hour or two) or abandoned the text conversation.  As my hardware wears out, or become obsolete, I'm thinking of switching to MS or some MS/Android combination.  I was willing to pay a premum when Apple products provided a better user experience.  Now?  They are the high price provider, with just so-so service and products. 

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    Hmm. Same situation.


    Will try calling Apple and see what happens. Using iCloud for now.

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    I have the same problem.... I'm thiking returning the new Iphone 5.... I can't install Itunes... and I have 1 more Iphone 4, 5 Ipods and 2 Ipads....

    That's sad!!

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    So it only took 4-5 hours to fix...

    I remember having that kind of time

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    I bought the software and it took an hour to update everything which allowed me to install itunes etc. Could have done without the hassle but this is Apple...

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