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All my Itunes music are stored on my powermac and I am unable to update sync my phone with my phone since upgrading to IOS6. Please help.

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    If it's truly a PowerMac, (PPC), your out of luck, sorry.

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    You need iTunes 10.6.3 (10.7 published <published where, I don't know>), which requires a minimum of Snow Leopard, to sync with iOS 6.


    All in all, too little info not easily accessible to the user regarding requirements.

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    BDAqua & Japamac, I'm confused here. The iTunes program on my Power Mac G5 (OS 10.5.8) says it is v. 10.6.3. I updated to iOS 6 about a week ago. I can't speak to syncing music because I don't do that, I manage music manually. But I have added an app to my iPhone 4 and updated a few apps as well since moving to iOS 6, and haven't had any failures or error messages.  Are you sure this is as bleak as you make it sound for mesh2370?

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    Thanks for asking.

    It made me dig even further to get the right information.


    I found the standalone updater for iTunes 10.6.3.



    As confirmed in other threads and elswhere on the web, this is the latest iTunes for PPC Macs and it CAN work with iOS 6.

    It is also, in the words of Apple


    iTunes 10.6.3 is the last version of iTunes to support Mac computers with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or PowerPC processors.


    My statement above, regarding the need for Snow Leopard, was a statement made by what I thought to be a trusted source (MacWorld).


    It is erroneous.


    Oh well and sorry.


    If you have a PPC and want to use iOS 6, update iTunes to 10.6.3.


    Though it isn't stated by Apple as being the desired iTunes for iOS 6 (iTunes 10.7 is), user reports make it cleaqr that iOS 6 devices work with iTunes 10.6.3.

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    Thanks for the recheck Japamac. Helpful to me, because I hadn't even thought about the possibility that if I hang in with the G5 much longer it won't be able to play with my iPhone. Now I'll be prepared. I wonder if compatibility will continue all the way to iOS 7 or if we'll be dumped somewhere in between…

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    I wonder if compatibility will continue all the way to iOS 7

    I would bet that iOS 6 is the last that PPC will see.......

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    I have iTunes 10.6.3 and updated my iphone to iOS 6 and it tells me that my iPhone requires itunes 11.1 or later. So I guess this means you cannot sync your iPhone to iTunes if you have Mac Os 10.5.8.

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    I thinki I read 10.6.8 is the earliest that will support all that is needed. :(