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I have an iPhone 4 and I'm resident in Japan. Until now, with iOS 5, the iPhone was my life-saver to go around the places: accuracy, possibility to input names (and get them found) in kana/kanji as well as in alphabet, public transport combinations, etc.

I updated to iOS 6 believing the Apple promises of "new and better features", and now my iPhone is a useless brick! IOS 6 Maps is only good for the US, maybe! We don't drive around everywhere in Japan, we ride trains and use public transport. IOS Maps external appls links just make the application collapse and I have to restart the device; doesn't find places... IT´S a HORRIBLE DISASTER.


Instead of the apology letter from Apple, could you allow the downgrade to iOS 5 even if it was for a few hours, so that all these people like me who are now extremely frustrated could roll back to have again a useful device?


I thought Apple's iPhone was a great device; but now, when there's a minimal request, I feel prisoner from Apple's ****** decision. I honestly don't see the customer friendly attitude here. Absolutely unhelpful on the phone; no solution.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
  • rbrylawski Level 6 (11,850 points)

    HORRIBLE DISASTER?  Really??  Getting Cancer is a disaster.  Having someone you love tragically killed is a disaster.  War is a disaster.  A map application you don't like is hardly a disaster.


    1.  You can not go back to iOS 5.1.1.  It is not supported by Apple


    2.  There are loads of Map Apps available in the App Store that work just fine.


    3.  If you just can't live without Google Maps, open your Safari Browser and type in the search bar.  When Google Maps opens, a box will pop up just above the forward button in the middle of the bottom of your Safari Page.  Touch the forward button and choose Add to Home Screen.


    There.  Disaster of all proportions over. 

  • perapoma Level 1 (0 points)

    Aha, OK!

    Philological discussions are very useful

    Please understand that I refer to "disaster" exclusively to the extend that such term is applicable to the inaccuracies of the great new maps app....



    Still, no solution. Google maps through website doesn't have by far the functionality that the old native app had.


    I understand you love Apple. I also did. But this doesn't work. It's useless, and somewhat a disaster (understood only to the extent that "disaster" is applicable to a computer app.


    Also, I don't know, but I may believe that IOS6 Maps works well in the US. But I don't think they took into account the needs or uses of users in other places... otherwise, it wouldn't work this bad!

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    I am telling you that this app IS indeed a disaster for Apple. Just look at what Tim Cook said recently. It has already been a disaster for your company. I am a hardware engineer in a top university and I am telling you I will advertise against working for your company. That in the long run, will be a disaster.


    You know what's worse than that? Your attitude.

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    Indeed! I agree 100%.


    I was thinking of getting an iPad as well, but no. I don't want to buy stuff from a company that limits functionality like this, and then (what a great customer experience!) not only I have to stick to it, but they reply to me like if I was mentally handicapped or something. No way! I think I will choose other devices from now on.

  • b j t Level 4 (3,670 points)

    rbrylawski wrote:


    HORRIBLE DISASTER?  Really??  Getting Cancer is a disaster.  Having someone you love tragically killed is a disaster.  War is a disaster.  A map application you don't like is hardly a disaster.

    Finally, someone who tells it like it is

  • perapoma Level 1 (0 points)

    What is this? An Apple sect or something?


    Nobody has died, no. I got that! But the way that new great and superawesome iOS6 Maps works (at least in Japan) has turned my iPhone into a nice-looking useless brick. This is what it is!


    It is not what Apple users were expecting: doesn't work, it is not useful. Apple or Google or whatever, as a user I don't care. I just know that now I cannot use at all the maps functionality in my iPhone. First there is no native support for public transport links in ios6 maps, and 2nd, the external apps that it links to, they all crash when called from the Maps app. Maybe not a disaster, maybe yes. But not useful and very disappointing.

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    I am only pointing out that rbrylawski is correct in making that statement.

    I have read way too many posts that make the fact that Apple Maps is having some "teething problems" sound like it is the end of the world.

    iOS 6 was released to the public on the 19th of September (9 days ago), so there are bound to be problems that will be fixed as soon as Apple can get around to fixing them.


    As I have posted many times before, you are able to give Apple feedback here:

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    I totally agree with perapoma and condemn the attitude of people like rbrylawski


    Having a malfunctional map application is a disaster at the personal level for anyone who was relying on Google Maps in his/her daily life routine. I work in sales and I move around alot and Google Maps was the second most important application to me after the phone itself. Without it I had a big miss in my life during the past week.


    I live in Dubai and Apple's iLost Maps doesn't cover anything here. It couldn't show even the route to a world icon like the tallest building in the world for example. It actually doesn't show the route to anywhere in this region. It has only maps and distorted images. A local paper map is 1000 times better than these maps which claimed to be having teething problems.


    These aren't teething propblems. This is an abnoxious attitude of a company that doesn't respect its clients and doesn't care for what is good for them. It is a selfish act to use its clients against their will as gennypigs to improve its pathetic maps application without giving those same customers the option to "downgrade". I strongly believe that a company that converts its loyal customers to "dreamers" of "downgrading" isn't worth working for, investing in, or buying from.


    And before Apple fanboy philosophers start practicing their hobby of advising to switch to other suppliers I would like to tell them that I will difinitely do that. I am just too busy to make this transfer now. I am using an application on my 64GB iPhone 4S that required more than 4,000 manual downloads and I spent months doing that. I just don't have the time to do this again now but iPhone 4S is definitely my last Apple device ever.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,797 points)

    I agree! A complete disaster! iOS 6 gave me shingles, killed my dog and was the cause of serveral border skirmishes.

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    Ah, yes mock people having problems.

    It's super helpful and good for your karma too.


    Judging from the number of iOS 6 issues in the Discussions forum, it doesn't "just work" for everyone yet.

    Not suprising when introducing software to so many users of various knowledge levels.

    Some people just get frustrated when their apps, which worked great in iOS 5, all of a sudden don't work correctly after changing to iOS 6.  Yes, the fixes can often be quite simple.  IF you know what to do.  Many people don't.


    Hope your shingles are better soon and sorry about your dog.

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    Dear Meg St Clair

    Thank you for sharing your technical support in response to Ex Apple Fan

    I for one found it very helpful

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    First You're right the maps app is a customer satisfaction and product disaster (some of us have a life, we understand the idea of context)


    Sorry Apple army nerds.  the truth is Apple failed us all terribly!  I must travel extensively for work, the maps feature on my iPhone was what I like most about my iPhone and used the app daily.  whatever city I was in I could find any address, business or type of business, get directions to and from, and specific and accurate public transit directions from where I was standing.


    Now, all gone.  My iPhone is realy just an over-priced iPod with a cell phone and a very poor battery life!

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  • slbyard Level 1 (5 points)

    This is also for Ex-Apple Fan, hyqpilot, and jfordou812:

    perapoma wrote:


    What is this? An Apple sect or something?


    Nobody has died, no. I got that! But the way that new great and superawesome iOS6 Maps works (at least in Japan) has turned my iPhone into a nice-looking useless brick. This is what it is!

    Umm, did I miss something????? I do think that you CAN STILL use your iPhone, right? It does do something more than Apple Maps, right?? But oh no, sorry. It is now a brick, a useless brick that cannot do anything at all!

    Why can't it?? Because Google Maps is gone.

    Now you cannot use ANY apps, iMessage your friends, check the weather, and take HDR photos and videos because Google Maps is gone. It is now completely unusable.

    P.S. did ya catch the sarcasm???

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