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I am new to aperture and I have albums and projects in iphoto which I would like to copy over to aperture without having to remake the albums.

Is this possible ?

How to ?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    What is your iPhoto version? If you upgraded to iPhoto 9.4 and Aperture 9.4, open your iPhoto library at leat once in iPhoto 9.4 to convert the library format, then you can open the iPhoto library with Aperture or merge it into the Aperture Library, since iPhoto now uses the same library format as Aperture. Unhide all iPhoto images, while still in iPhoto; you cannot do that from APerture.



    Aperture 3.3: Using a unified photo library with iPhoto and Aperture


    Aperture 3.3: How to use Aperture to merge iPhoto libraries


    • To open the iPhoto library in Aperture hold down the options-key, while launching Aperture and select the library to open.
    • To merge the library into the Aperture, use File  > Import > Library in Aperture


    Post back, if you have more questions on this.





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        First of all, thx for your quick answer


        I am using iPhoto11 version 9.4 - aperture version 3.4.

         I just went through the first step : seclect File> switch to Library>New and choosed iphoto library

         I can see all the pictures, albums as in iphoto

         However, when I opened a project in "iphoto print projects" I see all the pictures which I have selected to build my photobooks but not the photobooks -

         Is it possible to see the books with the same layout as in iphoto ?

          I find iphoto an ideal base to start working on a project as it restricts the choice i.e. forces the user (me !) to focus and keep simple.

       When I get closer to the final version, I usually enhance the pictures and then it is handy to work in aperture. I would like to see my books created in iphoto in aperture and vise versa.


         What should I do ? not clear to me from the instruction that I have read in aperture



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    I would like to see my books created in iphoto in aperture and vise versa.

    That is the one exception to the unified libraries right now. To view an iPhoto Print project, you have to switch back to iPhoto temporarily. iPhoto print projects cannot (yet) be viewed in Aperture.

    See: Aperture 3.3: Using a unified photo library with iPhoto and Aperture

    Print Products

    • Books, calendars and cards you create in iPhoto are visible in the Source list in Aperture, but cannot be edited. Books, web pages, and web journals you create in Aperture are not visible in iPhoto.

    But the new Aperture 3.4.1 makes it easy to switch to iPhoto. You can do it right from Aperture's main menu bar: In Aperture:

         File > Open Library in iPhoto.

    In iPhoto:

         File > Open Library in Aperture.


    To work on Print product , for now use this commands to hop back and forth between these two Apps.




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    Unfortunately books (and slideshows) can't be shared between the two Applications, the under lying structure of the book (and slideshow) are different between the two apps.


    Perhaps this is something that will be addressed down the road but for now you will need to work in the app in which you created the book originally.


    You can still make the adjustments in Aperture and then switch back to iPhoto to work on the book or else remake the book in Aperture.



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    So be it !

    Let's hope this will be possible in future versions