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mschang1991 Level 1 Level 1

I have an ipod touch 2nd gen running ios 4.2.1

I had the netflix app running on it before i updated all my apps from itunes.

Not realizing the compatibility issue, i already downloaded the latest version.

When i was syncing songs and apps to my ipod, the netfix app says i need ios 5 which my ipod cant support.

Now, the app is gone from my ipod.

Can anyone upload a previous version to a  file sharing site so i can download it?

Its a free app anyways.

Help would be greately appreciated.

iPod touch (2nd generation), iOS 4.2
  • jamesfilms Level 1 Level 1

    I also would like a old version of netflix for both my ipod 2g and iphone 3gs, the new version is out of sync with the movies. This is irritating!


    Someone please upload an older version of netflix, 2.0 or earlier so we can use it on our old devices!

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 Level 5

    All of you have backups don't you?


    Time Machine?

    External backup?


    Those Apps you downloaded have your information embedded in them and cannot be used by others.

    Therefore, even if someone uploaded a version for you, you could not use it.


    Try getting the version you want from your backup.

  • jamesfilms Level 1 Level 1

    No backups. I can use the version regardless of personal information. So if someone could upload that would be great. any netflix version to 2.0 or before.

  • katherin5713 Level 1 Level 1

    I see this is from October, but I'm throwing this out for others.  If you don't have a backup, I was able to go to my recycle bin and restore the old file and then I drug it from the source file back into iTunes. 

  • TheSaj Level 1 Level 1

    No, we don't. Often these situations of need occur when back-ups have failed.


    Thanks for your useless answer. It's about as bloody useful as when Apple or Dell suggest a complete re-install of OS to fix a problem

  • DesigningApple Level 1 Level 1

    In the same situation. Accidentally deleted the previous application from my 32 GB iPod on iOS 4.2.1.  The iPod is up-to-date with upgrades.  After a 30+ minute conversation with Netflix (see below)... Netflix NO LONGER offers the previous version and the newer version requires iOS5! Netflix does not seem to care that there are customer's who can utilize the app, if they simply make it available again. It's as simple as re-uploading it to their site. Netflix is alienating every user who doesn't upgrade their device.




    Thank you for waiting! Unfortunately there is no way to get that older version for you, since are current apps can only run with the 5.0 version. At this time we only have the newer one available. I definitely understand this can be frustrating, we will let our research team know that you would like to have the option to use that later version of our app. 


    Can I get a credit for my Netflix service for not being able to utilize it as my contract states?


    Unfortunately I cannot issue you a credit. 


    Is there a formal process to file an official complaint about this matter, about not having the application available to consumers and therefore limiting my membership?


    We can email you when the app becomes available for you.


    Any idea when this may happen? I see the complaints have been happening since October 2012 (over 5 months ago). This is an unacceptable wait time.

    Ah, unfortunately I do not have a time frame available to you.


    Ok. I understand that this is out of your hands, but this is horrible customer service from Netflix. Most all software companies share the older application versions so users may continue to utilize the services that they are paying for...the app works just fine and takes up virtually no space to leave it on the Netflix site for users to download. Of course, we would all love to have the latest and greatest software, but unfortunately device limitation doesn't always allow this. Netflix is discriminating, based on consumer's income and the age of their Apple device.

    Hopefully this note for the content team can get them to make the older version available to you asap.

  • Nikkiru Level 1 Level 1

    It's not just Netflix. Apple has also made a decision not to host the older version in the app store, which in fact they were doing until fairly recently.


    I also have a 2nd gen iPod touch, and was able to install and reinstall the compatible version pretty much at will until yesterday, when I discovered that I no longer had the option to opt for the older version. The decision not to support older devices which are still within their useful life is pretty much par for the course with Apple, as the orphaning of the PPC chipset has more than adequately shown us.


    This is the last Apple product I will ever buy unless they show a significant change in their corporate attitude toward the customer. They make very nice, durable hardware, but fail to give it support through its useful life, because they think that will pressure people into upgrading devices which are still working. In my case that may well be true, but I won't be upgrading to an Apple product. Fool me once ...