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Safari v6.0.1, running on 10.7.5, corrupted itself so badly that it no longer downloaded web pages. Deleting its .plist files made zero difference. Self-corrupting Safari is nothing new. So I figured out how to trash the thing by adjusting its preferences, found a website that kindly offered a download of Safari 6.0.0 for Lion, and installed it. Immediately everything now works again. Great.


But how do I now update again to Safari 6.0.1 for Lion? Software Update is entirely clueless as to the change. It apparently now has no idea that Safari has been deprecated back to v6.0.0. This is ridiculous as the installation of 6.0.0 was supposed to be recorded into the system. It obviously was not. I've run Software Update several times with no change. Meanwhile, Apple no longer offers Safari downloads on its website past version 5, which of course is also ridiculous.


I suspect there is a way to hack into the root Library folder, remove the record for the Safari installation, then replace it by reinstalling v6.0.0 again. But Apple has managed to hide were the installed apps database is stored, at least well enough that I can't find it at 4 AM.


Could another Mac geek please lend a hand?


And could Apple PLEASE return ALL the Safari installers BACK into the Apple Downloads area where they belong? Obviously, relying on merely Software Update for such situations is NOT going to work.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)