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    Thought I would update and thank you again.

    I've decided to stay with Lion since everything's working fine but I DID make a Bootable Clone and have made that a 110MB partition on external as I've added things. This has HD on it

    I never made an Applications partition because you pointed out the redundancy. thanks again

    I made a 300MB media/entertainment partition. Whenever I download  any new media/entertainment it goes to HD2. What I keep goes to this partition on external

    The last external partition is Leftover Space and is empty


    my data is always put on HD. It's saved to Mozy every day and dropbox every week

    I reclone HD once a week to the external

    I'm still using the data sticks but the data is on my HD, at Mozy, at Dropbox, and on external. I think 4 places is probably enough and this will be my last Stick I buy.


    I see all the MacBook Pros have backlite keyboard so am thinking next time I have spare $1200 I'll get one and THEN download Mountain Lion but will always keep an up to date bootable backup clone.


    Thank you for all your help



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