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I got my new iPhone 5 yesterday - manually manage my music, so I was adding albums last night, noticed today that some of the artwork is not showing up on the phone.  I buy all my music through iTunes, and it had all been there on my iPhone 4.  Weird thing is that only SOME of the songs/albums dont have the artwork....others do.  Is there any setting I need to adjust, or anything I can do to ensure the artwork comes across when I drag & drop?

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    I have only one of my Album covers that doesn't show with my iPhone 5.  Funny thing is when I am playing that Album it does show in the upper right hand corner.  I doubt if it is just a setting, you may be able to go into iTunes on your computer and manually pull the correct cover Art work into the required box on each one that is not showing correctly.  I recall when I  first pulled album art from the web in iTunes there were a couple of way to link that artwork with tracks.

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    Big Chief, I'm having the same problem. Buy all albums through iTunes and have all album artwork on my computer, but it's not showing on my iPhone or iPad. This just started when I updated to iOS 6. Anyone else with the same problem? Anyone know how to correct this?

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    I had a problem just like this. i fixed it by taking the following steps:


    1)connect the phone

    2)click on the phone name on the left hand side of itunes

    3)scroll down to options

    4)deselect the option that says manually manage music and videos

         it will then say if you do this your itunes will be duplicated onto your iphone or something similar

    5)click sync in the bottom right corner

         if you watch in the info screen at the top it will say what is updating and you

          will see that it is updating artwork in step 6

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    This is what I figured out I went back to my itunes 10.7 on my MBP and all my album artwork that was not showing up on my iPhone 5  was showing up in coverflow on my MBP but after closer exam the ones missing from iphone 5 actually were missing from the selected item pane or the drag artwork here area so I downloaded and added my art by going to just the ones that were missing from that or you can get info on selected track and go to art tab and add it there after doing that on the first 25 missing I synced the phone and they all came back. Still don't know how they got stripped out of itunes in the preview but not the coverflow but I guess that's for the Geniuses at Apple to come up with. Apple please don't remove coverflow and Album art people love that dont screw it up


    Make sure you stay away from upgrading to itunes 11 if you love album art and coverflow they have been removed and the new interface is really really complicated and very unappealing graphically

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    I was able to fix it by setting the artwork to a png file. I took the original jpg and renamed it as a png then updated the album artwork and it worked.

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    Thanks! This worked for me.