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I just bought a VERY expensive 27" Thunderbolt display last month that seems to have very limited proprietary Thunderbolt-only connectiivity.


I wanted to use the monitor to with my MBA as expected, but also my Lenovo X220 which is the laptop I bring home from work. However, I cannot get the display to work with the Lenovo. The spec of the Lenovo should easily support resolution of the monitor and it has a digital Displayport.


I have connected using a Displayport-To-mini-Displayport adapter, > then a mini-Displayport cable into the Thunderbolt port on the monitor. A normal monitor would just work, but Apple's Thunderbolt Display doesn't.


What's up with that?....Is Apple really telling me that I can ONLY use their £1000 monitor with a computer that uses their proprietary Thunderbolt port (i.e. another MAC)?


Does anyone know a work-around for this or can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?



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