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  • gleefully converted Level 1 (25 points)

    I tried Qbright and it didn't 'do it for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but when I dimmed it, it was so dim that when I wanted to use the phone it was very difficult to see to bring it back to regular brightness. 


    All I am asking for is something that already exists on the iPad! If you double tap the home button on the iPad you get to the play pause features and if you swipe that area to the right you'll see the darn brightness function. It's perfect and easy and why can't they just put it on the iPhone!!!???  I keep trying it after ios updates hoping that they just snuck it in there.


    As for the ability to turn the bluetooth or GPS off, that isn't something I do frequently, except I do put it into Airplane mode EVERY night b/c I have my phone nearby in bed (mainly for the flashlight app).  I do really like the do not disturb function, but I digress from the originaly topic of brightness. 

  • ravfromvancouver Level 1 (0 points)

    I am using Qbright on a Ipod Touch 4,so maybe it is different.But when you open it for the first time,you should see two brightness bars,so you can make the app do full brightness and full dim when you press the app. Then you select set brightness and quit.So all you do is press the app for the desired brightness.And if you have to set it again,then go into settings and find Qbright,and you can reset or settings.

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    Why they don't put something is for them to answer. I have stopped asking rational questions like that to apple.


    They basically think everyone is uninteligent, not interested-in-features kind of mentality. they want to provide just the minimum thats it.

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    Finally figured this one out! The answer is to use auto-brightness. The problem is not understanding how to use auto-brightness.


    With auto-brightness turned on the brightness slider unintuitively becomes a minumum brightness setting. Therefore all you have to do is keep the brightness slider set to minimum and let auto-brigtness do its job.


    After over five years of iPhone ownership, I've only just figured this out.

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    Great!  let me add a tip that helps (this made it work perfectly for me).  When you go into settings and set the brightness, it remembers how much light is in the room (if you leave auto brightness on) so the next time it gets turned on, it ajusts the brightness accordingly.  So the trick is to turn all the light off, then go into settings and put the brightness all the way down (again, leaving the auto bright on) and go out of settings.  Now when you turn the phone on in a dark room, the brightness will automatically go to low, and in brighter situations the brightness will increase.  Hope this helps, it works pretty well for me so far. 

  • electronicsguy Level 2 (190 points)

    or much simpler...just provide a setting accessible directly from home page or notifications bar.

  • grmullins Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree.  That would be much better...

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    No kidding. This kills me. It's my #1 gripe with my phone.


    NTSettings is an app for jailbroken phones that puts brightness and a bunch of other settings in the Notification pull-down.




    Why the **** doesn't Apple allow this basic functionality??


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    Another option here


    1. Double tap/press home button to reveal runnin apps bar ( or whatever it's called)


    3. Hey presto the BRIGHTNESS control is to the LEFT OF REWIND BUTTON.


    Easier but agree would like to be able personalise interface a little more....


    Manual EQ always been my want on iPod/iPad.... They'll get there, maybe.


    Hope the above helps

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    Apologies, the above is for Ipad only - good grief I should take more care before I post : (

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    Thats another annoying thing with the Apple products,that there is not a standard for all functions to be the same across all devices,instead the Ipad has functions,that the Iphone doesn't have,and the Iphone has functions that the Ipad doesn't have,and probably the Ipod touch,has things that the other devices don't have.THIS IS STUPID ! And apparently the Ipad didn't even have a clock or something until now,but the Iphone had it.

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    Iv recently upgraded my OS on my old device to match my new phone after refusing to since it came out and I have to admit I don't like when things are downgraded or things I enjoy are tweaked for the worse or taken away. Iv noticed this feature where on the shortcut double click screen and you swipe left to right past the player shortcut and lock position of screen, that it controls sound not the brightness as before you could choose in the settings area between them. So after much frustration looking for it I came on here to realize it no longer exists :-( R.I.P brightness shortcut

  • Bluespark09 Level 1 (0 points)

    P.S it's prob a ploy to make money off an app called swipe right in the App Store no doubt a programmers ploy to pay for his kids college. Cause a need fill a need

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    I've found a decent workaround using the "Brightness" app from the AppStore. After installing the app, go to the app's settings (click the "i" in the circle at the top of the screen) and toggle ON the "Brightness Control" option. This will put the app in the Notification Center, where you can access it by swiping down from the top of the screen. Once you've got it in the Notification Center, you can also adjust the position of the app among the notifications to be near the top, so it's easy to see and get to without having to scroll down among your notifications. After following these steps, adjusting brightness takes these steps:


    1. Swipe from the top to reveal the Notification Center

    2. Tap the Brightness notification (the message with the blue dot next to it)

    3. Slide the app's brightness control slider to the desired level, or tap one of the presets you've created.


    This is about as close as I can get it to the iPad OS experience, where you:


    1. Double-click the home button

    2. Swipe to the right to reveal the brightness slider at the far left of the apps and settings

    3. Slide the brightness control slider to the desired level


    Why Apple doesn't make this functionality/user experience identical across all mobile devices on their OS is beyond me. I use this feature every day, many times a day.


    Without it, the steps are:


    1. Home

    2. Settings

    3. Scroll down

    4. Brightness

    5. Slide the brightness control slider to the desired level


    Of course, if you keep the Brightness setting open in Settings (rather than exiting out of it inside of Settings), you can reduce the steps to:


    1. Home

    2. Settings (lands you in the Brightness panel)

    3. Slide the brightness control slider to the desired level

  • Viaj123 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the clear instructions, and for taking the time. Good tip on using Notifications.


    Is the app you found called "Brightness+" from "GreenGar Studios"?


    For years I've been missing simple on/off toggle for Bluetooth and WiFi, and maybe even GPS and Airplane mode -- not to mention a brightness slider (like the one on the iPad). God, what a pain this is for me. I dig into a bunch menus to do these things every frickin' day many times. It's a pain, and it's a place where Apple's competitors have Apple beat as they all incorporate these simple features, I believe. So what's the deal, and are there any fixes? I have found an app called Quick Brigtness (by Atomix) which helps that one thing, sort of. I can't find apps (in the AppStore -- my phone is not jailbroken) that will toggle WiFi, bluetooth, or any other setting.


    I did find one for toggling Bluetooth off and on that I got months ago, but strangely I can't find it in the AppStore now. It's called "OnOff", at least on the icon. (I've even looked through my "Purchased" list on my phone, and it's not there so I can't say who made it -- maybe it has been pulled from the AppStore).


    I'm starting to suspect that the lack of these features (and apps) has to do with some kind of expoit possible through them, if that makes any sense. How else could Apple be so blind and frustrating.


    Why the f*** doesn't Apple incorporate these things? Anyone?