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    If you can't return your iPhone, then yes, I think this is the solution to wait for an iOS update and hope that the update will have this bug fixed...

  • michael.vietnam Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess I am at the same point than all of you :

    Answer from Apple Singapore today was that they ( engineer team ) are investigating on the problem, I've asked them to be more specific but they've stayed really generic on the answer. At least I've been confirmed that the phone is listed as "unlocked" in their database.

    So yes if this is a technical issue we have to wait the update if an update can solve the problem

  • roman.dor Level 1 (5 points)



    I think an update surely can solve the problem. The trick here is to get Apple's attention to look into this problem and solve it with the next update.

  • michael.vietnam Level 1 (0 points)

    So from my side it seems to be on its way as they answer to me that they are investigating, they also spoke about the mms temporary solution so I believe they start to understand ... but I still feel that Apple should email us or something ( they have all our receipt recorded ... ) to confirm that they are working on it .

  • roman.dor Level 1 (5 points)

    For me, an official article where they say that they work on the problem or something like this will be enough. Emailing each and everyone with the problem would mean a lot of emails

  • Demirmkn Level 1 (0 points)

    who can tell us contact email  to write about the issue?

  • roman.dor Level 1 (5 points)



    There is no support by email for this, you must call them and report the problem by phone. You can call them for free from a account, using Google Talk integrated in browser. The phone number to call is +1-800-694-7466.


    As Nav33d here already outlined the list of the things we have tried already, so you know what to tell to support, as they will ask you to do these things:


    1) Calling Sprint (you probably paid the 'unlocked' price and as a result won't have an account with them so they know nothing about you/your phone).

    2) Calling your carrier (if they're outside the U.S).  The problem is with the phone having a lock on outgoing SMS.

    3) Resetting Network settings.

    4) Using the *#5005*7672# trick to reset the message centre number.

    5) Restoring from iTunes/Backup.

    6) Restoring as a new phone.

    7) Removing sim, putting sim back in.

    8) Resetting phone.

    9) Tinkering with iMessage/MMS settings.

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    any results?

    I have same problem(((( saaad....

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    You can also email them with the email address you will find here

    I've been contacted by Apple after sending 2 emails to Tim Cook email, I think doing both phone and email is good

  • michael.vietnam Level 1 (0 points)

    Roman, I am not sure they can make an official announcement as it's seems really non official in there communication that these phones bought "off contract" are also "unlocked" out of the box for international use without any interaction with the carrier ... Even the top community guys here didn't know, neither Sprint .... It's really strange, I don't understand the huge gap between there communication and the facts.

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    Found this on the web... works for me...


    I had the same problem but was able to find a temporary workaround until Apple/Sprint releases some kind of fix. It's not perfect, but it gets me by for now. worked for me, but I don't know if it'll work for every locale:


    I am outside the US and trying to use a GSM SIM card in a Sprint iPhone5 but could not send SMS messages (only receive)


    Try this:


    1. Go to Settings / Messages


    2. Make sure "Show Subject Field" is on


    3. Try sending a message but type your message in the subject heading instead of the main box. The key is that the subject line has to have something in it, even a " " blank space will do


    I tried sending it this way to other iphones and smart phones and both the subject and body of the SMS would go through, but to older cell phones only the subject heading goes through, and only the first 39 characters.


    Hopefully Apple/Sprint will come up with an actual fix, but I'm hoping this is of help to some people out there


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    Thanks niv.135, this solution was already posted here, and this results in a MMS, not a SMS, so it's a different thing.


    michael.vietnam - I think it doesn't matter if it's locked or unlocked - it's a bug and it should be fixed.

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    Guys, is there any estimate release date for next iOS 6 update?

  • Demirmkn Level 1 (0 points)

    My friends???

  • roman.dor Level 1 (5 points)



    There is no yet official statement for the next iOS 6 update. As I remember for iOS 5, there was couple of months between first release and update release, so I'd expect something like late december, but that's not for sure at all.

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