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    Facts on the table: If the devices were locked to the operator, we wouldn't be able to even activate the device. Agreed? The iPhone would require a "compatible SIM" to activate it.


    On both Verizon and Sprint phones, the iPhone activates, interacts with iTunes, every other function works on the iPhone. ONLY the SMS  is not working. This is the part we are trying to figure out - FACTS are saying the device is unlocked. If the SMS is the only thing it is not working, seems to be a glitch from the manufacture side.

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    No, SMS is a carrier feature.  If it's not working, it is a carrier issue.

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    Unless the GSM radio on the iPhone and/or the software is having problems to have a proper interaction with the carrier's SMS Message Center.

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    And again - if the Verizon / Sprint iPhone activates with the local carrier, it is unlocked. And if it's the carrier to blame, so far we have Russian, European, Vietnamese, Brazilian and Australian carriers to blame...

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    ... that's what I try to explain to our friend diesel, this is not "once unlocked ... they should work on GSM networks worldwide " but bought "off contract" they work on GSM networks worldwide even if there was no announcement,

    this is a FACT and this is what US Apple store sellers said to me in NYC 2 weeks ago.

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    To continue to investigate on the case it could be good to have the feedback of someone staying in US with a Verizon Iphone 5,  unlocked, trying to put a gsm sim carrier to send an SMS to see if it works or not ?

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    I think it is Apple that needs to investigate on this issue. Local operator here made lots of tests and seems the issue is really related to the interface between the iPhone and the SMS Message Center. I've already posted the issue at Apple Support. Let's see how it develops. There is no many things we / community can do about our situation...

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    Confirming this issue in Kuwait with a Sprint iPhone 5 on Wataniya (GSM Network).


    Trying to see if a restore will help but keeping an eye on any changes.

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    Wow. It's a worldwide issue. :-)

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    I've bought an iPhone 5 from Sprint and I'm having de same problem. All the phone is unlocked but I can't send SMS.

    In the store the seller told me twice: Do you want an iPhone 5 without contract and unlocked? Two times.

    I put my Brazilian sim card in the Apple store and it works, all in front of seller.

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    Same In Israel... BUT Verizon dose work. Text (in and out)


    The problem is with sprint only... With 4 different curriers....


    By the way called apple today again and thay say that maybe it's because I have an Microsim that I cut to be nano sim.... Did anyone try to text out of US from a sprint iphone 5 with an original Uncut :) nano sim?

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    I thought it was the same issue with Verizon, some people reports the same SMS pb , could you confirm ?

    some Verizon users could confirm ?

    ... If it comes from Sprint firmware, how can we do ?

    ... The only thing we have on our side is the fact that Apple store sells the full price Sprint iphone when people asks for 1 phone they can use in their country ...

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    "I'm using a "real" nano sim, the problem is not the sim, it does work with a Verizon phone." , can read here >

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    I have the issue with an original uncut nano SIM. My theory now is: despite of Apple Store employees are saying, Sprint Device is locked - and I think what we're experiencing is a failed locking procedure: the device is not supposed to work with other GSM operator - but seems Sprint made something wrong and the only locked feature was the SMS. The CDMA model, A1429, is the same for Sprint and Verizon. And seems that Verizon works...

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    Well, seems Apple Store employees have either a huge sales goals to achieve and they are pushing whatever they have to anyone that wants an iPhone 5 or their training *****... Seems our devices are locked. Some people are saying there is nothing wrong because "off contract" does not mean "unlocked", but the issue here is that Apple Store employees told us this Sprint version of iPhone 5 would work in the GSM Networks outside US.

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