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When a new rule is created in iCloud (i.e. NOT on any client device) it is always added at the bottom of the list and you then have to drag it into place. This currently is a PIA when there's a lot of rules because the rules list dialogue box is so stupidly small you can only see about 5 rules at a time, so to drag a new rule into place can require many repeated moves, i.e. drag to the top of the visible list, drop it, scroll the list, drag the new rule to the top again and so on repeatedly till it's in the right place. Considering the importance of the relative position of rules, I cannot understand why Apple have not made this process better.


The really odd thing is that in the past, I have dragged the new rule to the top of the visible list which has then scrolled automatically, much like moving a file in the Finder, but apart from the high  scroll speed meaning it was very hard to stop at the desired location, it was unreliable and sometimes the list would refuse to scroll at all. Now, it NEVER scrolls, so multiple repeated drags is the only way and that's a crappy way to have to do it.


Am I right that there used to be automatic scrolling (even if only sometimes), but now never? In which case, how does anyone else move a rule up about 50 or more places in the list without the tortuous repetition I seem to be stuck with. Am I just missing something here or are we really supposed to just put up with such a poor interface design?