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Does anyone know why when setting mail on 10.6 server all the emails are comming from @server.local instead of my domain name?


I have checked my DNS, Hostname and I cant see to determine why this is or change the domain name.

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    Launch Terminal.app from the Applications > Utilities folder directly on the server and issue the following diagnostic command:


    sudo changeip -checkhostname


    This will report some information on your server, and whether no changes are required, or if there are problems.


    Do not use .local for the domain name.


    Do confirm your external DNS is correct, too; that your forward and reverse DNS translations for your MX record are correct.  (Incorrect DNS can cause inbound mail to be blocked, and can cause outbound mail to be dropped by receiving servers; to be flagged as a spam engine.)


    From the Terminal.app session, issue the following diagnostic commands.  The following uses example.com as your domain, and mail.example.com as your mail server host name, and ip.address.returned as the IP address returned for the mail.example.com translation:


    dig example.com MX

    dig mail.example.com

    dig -x ip.address.returned


    make sure the domain name returned by the IP address matches the mail.example.com name, and the MX record matches the IP address or the domain name.


    Mail sent directly from a server using dynamic IP won't be reliable.


    Then confirm the server name is correctly set in the mail configuration within Server Admin.


    Server Admin > select server > Mail > Settings > General