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Every time I go inside a building with a no signal and then come back out the iphone 5 will not  find it again unless I reboot or turn airplane mode on and off.


Any ideas guys as to why it wont find the signal again.


I dont think this is a iphone 5 fault as such i think ita a ios 6 bug in an iphone 5 me and 3 others have iphone 5s and have the same problem it has happend to me about 2 times and the same with my friends who own this phone.


to fix it


1. turn the phone on and off


2 turn airplane mode on then off


everytime we did this it got a lock onto the 3g signal with 5 bars.


we are all on three service that only uses 3g in the UK and this might not happen as often or at all on other providers as they can drop down to 2g and back to 3g but as three dont have this you would just loss the signal and then it would pick it back up it might be a problem where the phone can not relock onto the 3g signal when it loses it from time to time.


i dont think these are broken phones as we all have had this happen to use a couple of times withing a week.


is there any other users with this problem and if so do apple know about it ?


its a pain as people can not contact you at all as its like the phone is not working.


any thoughts


i have used a 2 iphones (3gs & 4s) for 3 years in the same locations and service and never had this problem at all and the same goes for my other friends who are having this problem.