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I've put together a book in Aperture 3.2.4

I go to order it, look at the preview generated through the online store to find it has droppped a page.

In Aperture and the PDF I generated thru Aperture That page is the blank page on the inside of the cover.

Facing that page I had a single image then turn to the next page for a double spread.

The result  in the store preview is that the single image faces the first half of the double spread

the second half of the spread id after the next page is turned. ?! (see attached imges)


THe theme is Modern Lines, size 8X6 the spread was made by placing the same image

on each page and up sizing x2 then matching ( I didn't see a spread in this theme)


These are the layout thumbnails in Aperture below

Aperture Screen 1-4 .png

These are from Aperture generated pdf through print

Aperture Gen pdf.png

THis is the store generated preview below

Store Preview x2.png





Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    to check the assignment of pages you might consider to enable page numbers while testing the layout (set page numbers to "always" from the cogwheel below the pages browser). Then your double page spread should be numbered in the preview with the page numbers 2 and 3, if the preview is correct. The actual page numbers are tiny, you have to zoom in on the pdf to see them.


    The missing page is the front flap:

    My test print preview shows this: printed page numbers indicated in red:






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    Thanks for the responce.


    I tried numbering, the cupcake image is numbered '1' in all versions.

    The blank page is unnumbered  in Aperture and in the pdf generated from Aperture,

    that page is missing in the store preview, this throws off the pagination

    so that images which should face each, as shown by Aperture, other do not.


    In my case the book is an 8x6 so what is missing is a blank page that is in fact

    the back of the cover page, I tried to delete it or to place an image but that is not allowed.

    The flap ypu refer to isn't part of the smaller books as they have no dust jacket.


    any thoughts








    All the book themes seem to begin with a blank page on the left (back of the cover)

    so that opening the book you see two pages the left is blank thee right can have an image

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    that page is missing in the store preview, this throws off the pagination

    so that images which should face each, as shown by Aperture, other do not.



    That I understood,

    I never have seen Aperture show the blank page on the back of the cover in any store preview, as you can see in my example. That is why I asked, if the printed page numbers in the store preview are correct.The Store preview will show the cover pages, and immediately start with page 1; and that will split spread sheet in two-page view.

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    thanks for spending time on this


    You're right, no blank page on the reverse of the cover in the store preview

    and yes it does immediately start with page #1

    The numbers are correct BUT it does not include the blank page


    The issue is this ...if it does in fact print this way,

    then it does NOT match the design created in Aperture. !!


    According to Apertures page thumbnails

    Cover followed by

    page 0 (the blank) should face page 1

    page 2 should face page 3 etc etc


    store preview shows


    no blank page

    page 1 faces page 2

    page 3 faces page 4 etc


    Does it really print this way ?



    there is no point in having a book design

    that does not print the layout (not just the sequence)

    you have spent time deciding on


    so I assume I'm missing sometthing ?



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    does it really print this way ?

    I don't dare to answer this for the small softcover books. I always had hardcover books printed, and there it is natural, that the dustjacket, and cover are printed separately - it is a different material, separated by the flyleaves - again a different kind of paper. Then the inner pages of the book are printed starting with page 1.

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    The flyleaves you refer to would be blank

    and therefore the first printed interior page you see

    would be a blank left page facing a printed image right hand page, right ?


    I get no blank on the preview, therefore everything following is out of sequence

    with regards to what page is facing it


    thanks again





    maybe I'll give Apple a call



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    The question is, if just like for hadcover books, your book will be printed in two stages, cover and interior pages separately. Then the blank back page of the title page need not to be included in the preview, because their is no necessity to print it when the title pages are printed.

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    I see your point but the problem is


    the preview shows page #1 faceing page #2


    if it prints this way it is wrong


    if it does not print this way, as you say what is the point of the preview ?


    just to ask if the correct images are going to be printed

    and  hey trust us on the pagination ?


    I do appreciate your looking into this





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    Ask Apple support - books are too expensive to risk to waste the money.

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    Thanks again


    that's what I was thinking're right





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    Just Updating .....


    I called Apple, can't believe they hadn't come across this before


    Told them the issue, which they understood having done the remote desktop thing,

    They were uncertain, said they would talk to some other people,

    try to replicate the issue and would then call me back.


    They did call back, the issue was replicated.

    They said that having asked around they were sure

    that the book would NOT print they way it was presented in the store preview.


    ' Go ahead and order it, if it prints like the store preview, here's my email we'll sort it out '


    The guy was very nice but I can't believe that Apple says

    their storer preview does not show how the book will print,

    just the sequence of images it will print.

    If there are issues inside of a single THAT would print.







    the shipping on this $12.93

    8x6 27 page / 14 leaf book

    is stanard ( lowest price )             $  5.99           (46.3 % of the book cost)

    or Express ( default )                   $10.99           (85 %    of the book cost)


    is it me or does this shiping charge way too much

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    What an amazing story! If you order the book, make sure you keep a copy of this email for future reference.


    I don't know the US shipping cost, but the german are just as high, if I remember correctly.

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    Just wondering how your book printed? I've just ordered a book.


    I had exactly the same issue as yourself, however I altered my Aperture layout so that the "Store Preview" looked correct.


    Looks like this may be a mistake by me, and the book will print incorrectly.




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    The book printed as Aperture displayed it.

    It did not print as the store preview displayed it.

    The store preview dropped the inside cover page

    (which they do not print on) but this throws off the pagination

    They should keep the page in the preview and leave it blank

    as it will exist but it will be blank.


    I can't believe how stupid this is.


    Two Apple programs don't match



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