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Hi, about 2 years ago, I started this thread:




And guess what? I have exactly the same problem again. I can't believe that the battary will only last for two years. Is this intended? Is it not possible to make it last longer?


So, am I supposed to change it again?

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    I think you started a trend, not a good one either :-)  My RAID battery just died last night as well.  Just bought a "New" one off ebay. Should be here today.

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    Guys, I just swapped in a brand new RAID card battery on my 2009 XServe. BTW - this is no easy task, and definitely not a 15 minute operation.  Took me 45 minutes to an hour, not that I'm complaining :-)  So, the problem is I boot up, get the RAID Utility, still showing write cache disabled, and the batter says "Charging".  Now I can imagine it needs to charge a brand new battery, the question is how long should this take?  I thought it was supposed to be like 20 minutes, but it's been 45 and no movement of the battery level indicator at all.  There is still only 1 bar of "Charge" in the lower left corner of the RAID utility window, and the color of course is still yellow.  Anybody recall how long til I know whether this is the fix or not?  I have a funny feeling that I have a deeper issue here, and that perhaps my RAID card itself is not able to deliver the charge or something. 


    Thoughts?  Thanks as always.

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    Ahh, well, never mind!  I just got the new alert saying it is starting the conditioning process and it could take up to to 12 hours, blah blah.  It says NOT to reboot the box, or do any shutdown, etc. while this 12 hours is going on.  Interesting, I guess I won't be touching it again until Midnight tonight!  A watched pot never boils, me thinks. 


    Cheers for me and my brand sparking new RAID cache coming back here today, big step for me!  And my new SAS drive just showed up, wooooohoooo!!!!  Now I can keep a separate JBOD drive with just Snow Leopard Server on it, in case this Mountain Lion thing is not all its cracked up to be. Kinda feel like it's Christmas over here. 

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    Yep changing xserve raid battery is no 5 minte job but you do get to admire how beautiful the internals are along the way. Good looking inside and out!

    Btw mountain lion has no LOM support, I think 10.7.5 fixed support in lion

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    No, you're not up to date on that, check the other threads we've been discussing this.  LOM is absolutely supported now in Mountain Lion, works great.  I believe the Server update to 2.1.1 on 9/27 fixed it.  Because it works fine now during repeated installs of ML (Server) for me. You can edit the configuration, everything.  You just need to monitor it from a machine with Server Monitor on it (so Snow Leopard Server works), or you can forget about monitoring it from a Mac, and simply use IPMI Touch app on the iPhone/iPad, etc. Works like a charm, allows remote reboots, shutdowns, power up's, and all environmental monitoring every variable.  Good stuff. 

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    Contacted the supplier of the replacement battary since it should still be in guarantee periode. Let's see.


    But it's not a simple task to replace it.

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    I'm getting "Battery failed (other than expired)" error. 

    Does this mean it's dead and has to be replaced??


    If so, where is the best place to buy one?

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    Dead, wont take a charge.


    Call Apple


    I have a Mac Pro Early 2008

    Model# A1228

    Battery Pack, Mac Pro RAID Card, Ver. 2 -


    $39 + shipping ($6.95).  Arrived next day air.  Awesome service.


    Took 15-20 minutes to replace


    Took about a day or 2 to charge and condition.



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    Agreed get it right from apple. We have had to replace 2 or so.

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    Hey, do i have to get the batteries from Apple? We live in Jamaica and it makes it a little harder to get stuff in. what type of battery is it and how many do i need?

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    if there are any Apple distributors in Jamaica you could try them

    call apple to get the part number there can be confusion if the local Apple distributor is not familiar with

    Apple servers and Apple Raid.

    or you might end up with a small bios backup button type battery, make it very clear is a Raid Battery


    must be a conspiracy, I just checked xserve Raid......battery not charging was replaced in 2011

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    Hi guys, I have the same problem with the battery, i wanted to remove the card, as i wont used it for my system, is it possible ??? and if i have to buy the battery, is its lifetime only 2 years ???




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    I just answered your other post Abhi. The batteries do fail but I have a few xserves that have worked perfectly for 5 years with the same battery. With things like this there are no guarantess as to how long they will last. What do you want to do with your xserve.


    All the best

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    Thanks for replying me Beatle, I will used the xserve to pilot an xraid and also i will instal some application that will need the client version to connect to it.