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i am a new mac user


i have a new imac


was trying to transfer data from old pc to imac using migration assistant ( wirelessly )


i had done it once already, but i noticed that although it took about 8 hours, very little data from the c drive was actually transferred ( i had not noticed i had to designated folders to copy )


so i did it again, targetting folders on the D drive and my external hard drive F - lots of data ( about 300 GB )


after an hour i noticed that the estimated time for completion was 88 hours ! i did let it run for about 30 hours anyway and hoped for the best ...


this morning when i woke up the time remaining was estimated at 42 hours, but then it suddenly jumped to 110 hours !!!


when i came home 8 hours later, it was still at 110 hours, so i stopped it - i assumed it had crashed ...


i got a message that one folder on my pc might have been lost - corrupted


incredibly, after more than 30 hours, no data had actually been transferred to my new mac !!!!


in any case, i see now that migration assistant created a new user account anyway, which i do not want




  • how can i transfer data from my pc laptop to my new imac, preferrably with a direct cable connection as opposed to wireless, directly into my main account
  • and i how can i delete the other account migration assistant created in the initial "successful" transfer





iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), new mac user