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  • Rdtrevino Level 1 Level 1

    Had several problems: First, battery drain, then, "Almost full" message, and finally, phone couldn't be turned on, I did a factory restore, as if my phone was new, and everything seems to be alright now. Good luck.

  • Giomusic Level 1 Level 1

    after updating my iPhone 5 to ios 6.1.2 battery consumption is quite a bit worse is it possible that with each update instead of improving the performance of the battery instead of the worst, I ask the Apple to provide as soon as possible to resolve this battery problem since after the firmware update can no longer return to the previous ios version. Thank you and hope for the best ......

  • michael mfromhainesport Level 1 Level 1

    Upgraded to 6.1.2 last night went to bed and had phone on charge. This morning at 100% and now 6 hours later down to 98%. Light usage but much better. Looks like for me the problem was solved with latest version od iOS.

  • sudeka Level 1 Level 1

    For about the last week, I was experiencing heavy power drain, down to 0% over the course of my work day, even when iPhone was idle almost the entire time, and a noticeably hot battery.  Last night, my iPhone 5 tells my it must be connected to the computer for a total reset and install from back-up, including an upgrade of the software.  The update says something about fixing an Outlook Exchange issue.  Mind you, I have never before received this type of "emergency" push on my iPhone 5, requiring a total reset.


    Today, I get a message from IS at my company telling everyone not to upgrade to 6.1.2 because of some bug that will cause the Outlook Exchange logfiles to grow exponentially, crashing the server.  I reply to IS that I received their message too late, and that I was forced to install an update last night.  However, I also tell them that my battery drain issue is gone, my phone is no longer running hot, and I am guessing that Apple pushed-out some kind of emergency fix for this issue last night.  After all, I've been running 6.1.2 since last night, so if it was going to crash their Exchange server, it should have done it by now.


    Anybody else have some fun stories to help us piece this together.  I believe there must be a significant issue that Apple is trying to keep quiet, but was important enough to force a hard reinstall last night for people like me.  Or else, I am just adding to a conspiracy theory, in which case I apologize in advance.  :-)

  • phalanges Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 4S battery life on 6.1.2 was excellent. In fact I never had a problem with it through all of the updates. My iPhone 5 that I received last week has a bad battery life. I just fully charged it, disconnected it from the charger and within a few minutes (with no usage) the battery was at 98%. I restarted the phone (both buttons till the Apple logo appears then let go) and the battery charge said 100%! Has this sorted it? I hope so.

  • mcgokc Level 1 Level 1

    This is my 2nd iPhone 5.  The first had this battery drain problem.  They ran a diagnostic on it and found out that the battery percentage on the screen. (46%) and the battery percentage read by hte diagnostic tool (88%) were obviously not in sync.  Also the time off of the charger read as 3 hours on the diagnostic when it was really 5.5 hours in reality.  The same drain is now happening to my 2nd 5.  it didnt dtart until 2 weeks ago and I have had this one for abou 3 months.  Has anyone else had a diagnostic run on their phone by Apple?  Same type of results?

  • BurnNBreak Level 1 Level 1

    Ok so it seems everyone is having different experiences with how messed up their battery is.  Does anyone be know what's considered normal battery drainage for an iPhone 5?  I've had battery issues as well (probably still do) and I've done a bunch of "fixes" like turn off Bluetooth, reset all the settings, and even did a factory restore as a new iphone using iTunes.  I would lose one percent bout every 3 or 4 mins using wifi and one percent every few hrs.  I took my phone to apple an they said there was not wrong with the battery, but that still seems like unusually fast battery drainage.  I guess I still don't know how fast the battery SHOULD be draining.  With minimal use it would last for about 2 days.  Does that sound right?  Oh and I'm running iOS 6.1.2 maybe if we all say how long before we need to charge our batteries with X amount of usage we can get an idea of the most common problem and work from there.

  • BurnNBreak Level 1 Level 1

    And I meant to say I would lose one percent every 3 to 4 mins using wifi and one percent every couple of hrs on standby

  • Rfkhalifa Level 1 Level 1

    I have seen my friend iPhone 5, at 36% remaining charge, usage more than 6hrs, stand by More than 2days.


    In my I phone5, max I h ave seen 5 hrs usage & less than 1 day stand by.


    I wanna Bang my iPhone on the ground..

    I burn apple down for such a lousy product.

  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    Same here my mate came round yesterday and we were trying to sort a problem with his Nintendo Wii and were using his iphone 5 as a torch. When doing this I noticed that his Bluetooth, location services and WiFi were both enabled so I decided to check his battery life and usage. What I found was the following


    Battery life = 49%

    Phone usage = 7 hours 20 mins

    Standby = 17 hours 45 mins


    What was annoying is that most of the extra features were a enabled my phone was the following


    battery = 9%

    phone usage = 5 hours 10mins

    Standby = 17 hours 12 mins


    This is with everything disabled.


    My mate said that he always leaves every feature on including his WiFi as his phone is connected to friends and family's networks so it auto connects as soon as it picks up a networks its already been connected.


    So there is iPhone 5 handsets out there which do come in at the 10 hour usage that apple state the problem is now to figure out why so many are getting half the usage with all the smart phone features disabled.

  • BurnNBreak Level 1 Level 1

    That's interesting when and where did he get it and is he running the latest is update?

  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    It was purchased from Phones4U (uk) and was a launch handset. It's also running the latest update as I updated it a couple of weeks ago.

  • zeebraa Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, for the three times you drained your battery and fully charged it, how often did you do it? I started using my iphone 5 four days ago, fully drained and charged once. I wonder if I should drain it more often to gain a better performace of the battery (I know the once-a-month but since I just got the phone, should I do it more often?)

  • Magnum2 Level 1 Level 1

    The battery drain problem started for me last Friday (iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2), with the battery draining completely with minimal usage over a 6 hour time span.  I backed up the phone on the computer and after doing a complete resetting of the phone, I was still experiencing the battery drain problem.  However, in reading posts about iOS 6.1.2 being rolled out to fix a problem with Exchange, I simply deleted my Exchange account and then added it back again.  That little adjustment appears to have fixed the problem.  Normal usage today, wi-fi on and bluetooth on, Exchange working, battery life still at 84% after 7 hours. 

  • vikas.icloud Level 1 Level 1

    If I do "restore" and "Erase Content And Reset Settings" does the draining issue gets resolved...??

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