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    Lots of people have been having problems with their battery life on their iphones. There are some things that will always just drain your battery, but these are mostly just habitual things you should start doing. I made a list of these general battery life solutions here.


    HOWEVER, many people have only been experiencing these problems recently, after updating the iOS software to 6.1.1, 6.1.2, or 6.1.3. These are all known to have caused problems to some devices that resulted in processes running forever in the background. The big problem is that different solutions are working for different people. So I scoured the internet and collected those battery life solutions caused by updating iOS here.


    Hope those help!!

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    I had already tried some of the tips you have mentioned and they did improve battery life drastically. I don't use Microsoft exchange but anyway had battery issues. I set email to fetch for every 1 hour. Auto-lock was already set to 1 min. Brightness is set to about 25% with auto brightness off. Location service and push notifications manually adjusted only for essential apps and one or two online games. Documents & data turned off under iCloud. An extra fix which seems to have worked is turning of raise to speak under Siri which is not mentioned in your suggested fixes.

    I didn't remove and reinsert sim card, restart phone, sign out of Facebook or do a fresh install of update.

    My battery usage seems to be as follows while posting this


    Usage 8 hours, 20 minutes

    Standby 1 day, 12 hours


    This is with usage of camera app, playing some games, 3G Internet usage and GPS with google maps and camera app. Last 10 hours or so my phone was mostly on standby while connected to wifi and Bluetooth was off all the time.

    Before these setting changes I had to charge my phone everyday overnight and had an average battery life of about 20 hours without any of the above type of usage with only being connected to wifi and playing a game for few minutes for every 4 or 5 hours

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    The problem with the iphone is its not charging to its full only charge to about 60% when it shows 100% 

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    Where are you finding this fact?  Granted, something is definitely up, but how is it not charging to its full capacity and where would you find that?  


    Apple support was a waste of 30 minutes I'll never see again.  So I'm hoping they fix this soon as Android is getting more and more reliable looking again.

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    My iPhone 5 was draining twice as fast after the 6.1.3 update. Brought it to an apple store and the tech there found that an app RedScanner had GPS running all the time.


    He disabled it in locations services and things are back to normal.


    Turns out RedScanner is monitoring your location all the time to notify you of specials at physical retail locations. Ill delete it completely just for being so sloppy

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    "RedLaser" sorry made a type. Redlaser was the app causing my battery drain

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    I have the same problem, since I updated to version 6.1.3, the battery is drained very fast and I takes on average 6 hours


    The location of the phone is working in the background, so the phone being standby, the battery is drained and heated terribly



    Disable the location in the app's in which it has been used the last 24 hours, also on the same screen, at the option system services, disable also the location.


    In my case, this worked; now, with 12 hours of standby and 3 hours of use, I have 70% battery!!!!.


    I pass another link with other solutions, I hope they serve:



    P.D. excuse my English

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    Hi all ,


    i have a juste a question, i do a big mistake i buy an iphone 5 (the beginin of april) with ios6.0.1  , in the begining i have no probleme of battery and since few days the battery drain fast so i restore the iphone for new iphone with ios 6.1.3


    and now  3 hours use and sleep =19 hours and my battery is 65%


    and loca is off gps is off icloud also off


    i think for me is very bad ....


    what do you think ?

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 (100 points)



    This is very good battery usage.



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    ok thanks because for me  iam confused when iam on safari with wifi and after few minutes i lost one %

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    I'm getting about 5 hours of usage total and this phone gets horrible battery life on phone calls and on cellular networks.  I'm already planning to buy a HTC One and eject this lousy phone.  My wife's phone and many other friends are having similar issues.  Apple support is worthless.  The cellular provider knew more about apple resolving the battery issue through software updates than apple did.  


    Their engineers are truly unskilled and lazy at writing complete and reliable software.  It's always performance issues until the next full version of iOS.  No restore, firmware, app, or setting change helps.   It's simply garbage software.  Well, news flash.   The HTC One is a better phone apple in every regard.  I'll sacrifice android for reliability.  I may even like it more, but at least my phone will still have power after 5 usage hours.  What a joke. This is what my Origional iPhone got in battery life. 

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    What do guys think of this? I find these stats really bad compared to my old iPhone 4.


    Usage: 2h47

    Standby: 8h44

    (on 3G)


    Bluetooth and Wifi off. Mainly web browsing, text messages and emails. I'm pretty dispointted I must say. When full at 100% the morning, I just read my new emails for about 2 minutes and percentage immediatly goes down to 99%... What is wrong?

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    I had the same problem. Battery drained like crazy in use and would drop considerably even while idle. I tried draining the battery to zero and charging to full uninterrupted. I tried a factory reset, iTunes restore, dfu restore, disabling iCloud, getting rid of my exchange account, turning off location services, etc. Nothing worked. I finally went to the apple store and demanded a replacement. They gave me the runaround about how they don't replace for battery issues. I further demanded a replacement and they said they'd make an exception since I'd tried everything else.


    Once I got my replacement, I set it up as a new phone, turned on iCloud, added my exchange account, left all the location services on and drained the battery to zero. Now my iPhone (after a full charge) is getting considerably better battery life. I actually went two days without charging at one point. And I've been abusing it today since 7 am. It is now 430 and I'm only down to 71%.


    If you've tried everything in this thread, demand a replacement

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    I got a replacement weeks ago and the problem still persisted. Maybe there is a abnormal iPhone batch? I'm am truly disappointed... Really often, when I click the home button when the phone is in sleep to check the time, I see the percentage loosing a percent right in front of me.

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    Probably unrelated, but my replacement came with 6.1.2 and I am not updating. It's like a whole different phone for me. I'm sorry your replacement hasn't provided you with the same experience mine has.

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