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    That's great to hear.... And no worries, your welcome, hope it works for more people.

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    I'm also going thru this battery issue. My friend has the 5 and his battery life is AMAZING. I stepped away and used my phone for maybe 30 mins. (texting & web browsing) I was at 95% and when I came back to my office, I was at 88%. It wasn't like this on my 4. I am going to do the Reset to see if this helps.


    I don't want to go back to Apple to exchange it because I know they won't have any in stock.....yet. I will wait until after the New Year if the issue is continuing.

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    Hmm i got the same issue after restoring iphone 4 to iphone 5....


    Then i did a full backup and full restore of iphone 5.... After that it went a bit better but still, very bad compared to my old iphone 4... Then i decided to look further... After reading forum, i decided to turn off Safari synch tab and then also

    STOPPED PUSH for gmail acount ! and set up to run every 30 minutes


    And it went definitely better


    So i really don't know, but it really seem's to be an issue related to power consumption with data transmission....

  • rchwallace Level 1 (0 points)



    Just an update.  I did the iOS 6.1 update, worked great on my phone and almost bricked my wife's.


    I have push back on, some are off and google might be one but anyhow...


    I charged the phone on Sunday evening.  It was in airplane mode accross the pacific, currently on wifi, I have sent messages, Internet, calculator, music twice while in gym so about 2.5 hrs, downloaded an album and not charged it.


    It is currently at 70%, went to sleep last night and it said 74% and woke up to 80% but not plugged in.  Bluetooth is also on but not connected so I will turn it off but anyway... It is Tuesday afternoon.  So all of this in 33hrs and it is at 70%....  


    For me it seems like it is getting better over time, still it is disappointing that it wasn't good straight out.

  • albertofromnewhall Level 1 (65 points)

    i have ios 6.0.1 on my iphone 4, i have

    wifi off

    bluetooth off

    in notifications i have

    instafollow off

    mail off

    stock widget off

    game center off

    photos off

    reminders off

    passbook off

    weather widget off


    i have my phone on sound on all the time excpet school sound and vibrate is off

    everything on

    icloud is on

    mail push is off and on fetch every hour

    diagnostic and usage off

    in loaction services i have everything off except find my iphone

    in system services i have everything off except cell network search


    i think i have many things off and my battery should be great but it isnt the longest is has lived was 3 hours almost 4 of usage



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    My fix was deleting Skype. My battery life doubled from 10 hours standby to 20 hours. There seems to be a bug in Skype which keeps it running in the background.

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    actually in my oppinion it is not a bug. it's a setting that you can find in settings>skype>go offline. i set mine to immediately, instead of never and...boom! 5 hours usage, 1 day one hour standby and 30% battery left! so there is no point in deleting skype, just "tweak" the settings a little bit!

    I have already notified apple and skype about the issue.

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    Here is my experience:


    My iphone 5 16GB would give my 5.5 hours and 7 hours standby of usage out-of-the-box.


    Tried all possible settings OFF, no success.


    Called Apple and the guy insisted that I do a complete restore. Thought as everybody that this would just give work and time for apple to wor too while I am busy... BUT...


    I tried... At the moment I write my iphone has been used as I use it routinely (quite intensively FB, podcasts, internent, sms, online TV, ...) and has 30%.

    Usage: 8h42, standby: 17h07 minutes.

    After the restore I just chose not to use the cloud, siri, and I refused to send diag info.


    It has worked for me so far and I can live with the actual capacity of my battery. The procedure takes some time but was worth it in my case.

    It doesn't mean for me that it won't re-occur, as it seems to be more a software issue, which in a way is reassuring.


    Hope this helps,





    ps for the moment I didn't install skype... And it isn't impossible that Apple in fact ins't responsible for the problem.


    The only strategy I see is to install apps one at a time and monitor battery behaviour... This is no fun, but that would help find out if the issue is related to an app.


    Just an idea, but when updating, I had iOS6.0 moved to 6.0.1 (or so)... when restoring the software pack is directly 6.0.1. Could this make a difference?

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    I tried everything, restore as a new iphone, turned of cloud, Siri, push, location services. I tried resetting my network and my iphone settings....nothing really helped my battery drain.


    But, I found this sneaky little setting....go to

    Settings>mail, contacts,calendars,>fetch new data>advanced


    My iCloud was set to push under the advanced setting, I turned it to manual and now my battery is incredible.


    Prior to doing this my usage showed about 2.5hrs of usage and 12hrs stand bye.

    Now I get around 8.5-9hrs of usage and with 24hrs+ on stand bye...


    Hope this helps others, I believe that the iCloud push was was trying to fetch data constantly thus why my phone was draining fast even on stand bye.

  • Nikolaus Heger Level 1 (25 points)

    A note on Push: It has always been the case that turning off Push results in an increase of battery life.


    But that's not the issue here - my iPhone 4 would easily last through a day under heavy use on my side, and with push on and everything on. It would go 24 hours.


    The iPhone 5 I took out of the box, synced, restored from backup - and I got 3 hours before it was in the red, and probably 4 before it was out (overnight) with no usage whatsoever. So there's definitely something wrong there.


    I am hoping it's a software issue and taking into account all advice on this thread - just now I am doing a total wipe and "set up as a new phone" instead of restoring from backup. That should actually reset everything, including network settings.


    Then I'll keep an eye on Skype and Evernote and other rogue apps. I want to return this phone but if this is a software issue, not hardware, than an exchange won't fix anything so it would be a waste of everyone's time.


    PS: While I was charging my phone from 0 this morning I noticed it got *really* hot after it turned on. That indicates a lot of CPU activity while I was not using the phone at all. Or some electrical problem - will keep an eye on temperature when idle, too.

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    I've been using the phone since it came out. In my previous posts I was upset.  I am now satisfied with the  phone. My day starts at 6:00Am by 3:00 PM I'm at 50% and the lasts well into the night. I thinks maybe it just took a while to fully charge and calibrate. Sorry for doubting.

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    After using the new iPhone 5 for 12 days I arranged to return mine to Apple today for a refund. I've owned both the 3GS & 4 (not 4S) in the past.


    Main gripes:


    • battery drain is terrible. I've read support forums, restored the phone, disabled LTE, Wi-Fi & bluetooth, lowered screen brightness, disabled spotlight search, restarted the phone etc and even after an overnight 100% recharge, with minimal use, the phone barely makes it to early evening. If I use the **** thing I don't even get through the day. The phone also does get warm – but not as hot as I believe other users have reported.

    • maps (Melbourne Central railway station shows as 'Collingwood' and there is a BP Service station there too that doesn't exist... just one example – ridiculous)
    • Siri cannot be configured to use Australia Bureau of Meteorology weather information from 3rd party apps. Instead it tells me incorrect details from overseas sourced data. So I ask it is it going to rain and it says "fine weather" but then later in the day there are thunderstorms and rain!

    • Wi-fi sync is broken. Also tried troubleshooting but it is flakey (assume this, like maps, is an iOS6 issue)... but still

    • The lightning connector. Read the marketing reasons, the complaints etc etc but in reality it means (a) I'm using a stupid adaptor with my bedside clock radio that is going to snap any day soon and (b) i'm carrying the recharge cable around with me as the cable type is rarer – so difficult to just borrow/lend from others when out and about
    • The $900 for 32GB price tag. If this were a much less expensive phone I'd learn to live with the above defects perhaps. Paying the Apple Tax you want the product to perform.
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    FYI there is _NO_ fix for this.  This is either a hardware problem with select phones or some very serious bug deeply ingrained in the iOS 6.0 & 6.0.1 operating system.  I have used my phone on various 3G networks in six different countries now.  I exchanged the phone once and I have done a DFU restore and tried the phone wiht no apps and iCloud disabled.  The horendous battery drain is the same every time always no matter if cellular data is turned on.  Turrn cellular data off and battery life is fine.  Apple has really screwed their customers on this one.

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    My battery has been eaten alive since I upgraded to 6.0.1, and my data usage has also spiked. My phone was getting extremely hot when it was in "sleep" in my pocket, it felt exactly the same as when I use my sat-nav on there, which led me to think it could be GPS related.


    I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, but it has solved both of the above problems for me....


    I went into Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services (Right at the bottom) and turned all of these off. I honestly don't think I will miss any of these.


    My phone no longer gets hot, battery is as good as it should be and my data allowance is not diving quicker than a premier league footballer. I know each user seems to have slightly different issues, but this definintely sorted mine out.

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    Return them to where you purchased.


    Without doing so, Apple won't get the message.

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