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Got my iphone on launch day with ATT , been battling this battery drain for awhile! my phone from a full charge wouldnt last till 4pm with basic email reading, some facebook only.


as i was reading through the other thread with 190 replies!! i tried all the following


Restarting from New instead backup - didn't help

Turn off notification lte , all the other goodies the phone come with (come on whats the point?) - didnt help


someone mentioned that they saw a signal on their router blinking constantly while every other device was turned off.


i looked into my network log and what do you know... my iphone 5 constantly is trying to upload  or sync to the icloud account NON STOP every 5 minute or so!!




>General and turn off everything on your icloud account!!! i left my contacts on.


its been two days now and my battery is a day night diffierence!!


my current setting everything is on except bluetooth!


i hope this post will help some other to enjoy the iphone 5 at the best!

iPhone 5, iOS 6, fix!
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