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Ever since the EFI update my MBPr has slowed down considerably after waking from sleep and stays that way until I do an SMC reset.  Games like Diablo 3 become unplayable and generally things are just slow and stuttery. 


Hope Apple fixes this fast - the SMC/Firmware updates they released have not fixed the issue.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
Reply by buttmonki on Sep 30, 2012 12:54 PM Helpful

I just wanted to say, I have the exact same problem.  Would be useful to know if everyone else has it or if it is a faulty machine.

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    l85m wrote:


    Hope Apple fixes this fast - the SMC/Firmware updates they released have not fixed the issue.

    Did you report this to the Feedback website?  If you are still under warranty, have you called Apple tech support?  If not, why not?


    These are user to user forums.  Apple does not visit this site nor respond.

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    I just wanted to say, I have the exact same problem.  Would be useful to know if everyone else has it or if it is a faulty machine.

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    I spent a while on the phone with a (very friendly and courteous) tech support person last night about this.  She directed me to do the SMC reset, clear PRAM, and fix permissions.  Once we did that it fixed the problem for 2 sleeps (she stayed on the phone with me for the first one to verify).  However after the third sleep the problem is back. 


    She directed me to call back and provide my case number if the problem happened again as it would need to be escalated.  You may want to do the same as it sounded like they think this might be a problem with my machine.

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    I did the below to solve my issues, so if you're still having trouble with performance after your macbook pro have been to sleep a couple of times, this may help:


    So looks like I may have stumbled on something that works, this is only for advanced users though and I take no responsibility for any issues arising from following the below steps.


    Nvidia released new MacOS 10.8.2 drivers, but you need to change the .dist file before they will install. Generally nvidia drivers work with all their GPUs, but they only release drivers for GPUs they actually specifically tested, anyways.


    First thing first, check that you are on MacOS 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion), installing these drivers on any other version of MacOS will break your system and you'll be unable to boot, you've been warned!


    1) Install the latest Nvidia CUDA drivers found here, no need to change anything these install without having to modify anything

    Link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda-mac-driver.html


    2) Install the latest Nvidia MacOS drivers, these does not support MacBook pro retina by default so you'll have to modify the package.

    Link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html


    3) After you download open the Retail-304.00.05f02-macosx file and shortly after a new window should open called NVIDIA Drivers. Inside is an icon looking like an open box and the filename is 304.00.05f02 Web Release.


    4) Drag this box to your desktop


    5) Right click the file on your desktop and select Show Package Content


    6) Expand the Content folder and you'll see a file called Distribution.dist


    7) Right-click and select open with, then Other...


    8) Scroll down until you find TextEdit, double-click TextEdit


    9) Locate this line: var found_hardware = 0;


    10) change 0 to 1 so the line reads: var found_hardware = 1;


    11) Close Textedit


    12) Close Finder


    13) Double click the 304.00.05f02 Web Release file that you copied to your desktop


    14) Let it install, when it asks you to reboot, click reboot


    15) Hope it works!


    So far it's been working for me, but I only tested for a few hours, so no guarantees this fix is permanent, but for me it was worth a shot at least!

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    Jep i have the exact same problem. But i cant say its after sleep mode because sometimes it works for one week or so until the graphics are slowed down. I think its a random caused problem. I hope Apple will fix that, its annoying.

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    I had the same problem, so I tried this technique. The 1st step (Nvidia CUDA drivers) went fine. But after the 2nd step (Nvidia MacOS drivers), my computer wouldn't boot! Yes, I am running OS 10.8.2 on a Retina MBP.


    It's a good thing I took notes on how to run the Nvidia utility to revert to my old video drivers. My computer works fine again after the uninstall.


    The funny thing, though, is that the problem hasn't happened again since. Maybe it's the CUDA drivers that did the trick?

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    Same problems here, i need to reset SMC for taking back 3D performance!


    I hope APple fix it fast.... we must use feedback function all.

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    I have the same issue since a recent update. It's particularly bad in Windows 7 through bootcamp, where the CPU throttles back in gameplay after just a few seconds. The game(s) start at great framerate (e.g. 60 FPS) then rapidly slow to 15 or less. The GPU is not working hard, and the CPU indicates as throttled right back.


    Reading around on the web this seems to be "thermal throttling" issues, and I can't seem to stop it happening. Very annoying as it's crippled the performance of my machine.


    My current versions are below for reference, any idea when a fix will be released?


    Boot ROM Version:          MBP101.00EE.B02

    SMC Version (system):          2.3f32

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    Is this actually the same problem, Ben?  Does an SMC reset fix the problem?  Or do you actually have a heating problem?

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    I am on my fourth MBPr.


    The first just locked up and I couldn't set up iCloud without it freezing - even after a reinstall - only had it for a day.


    The second and third both had the SMC reset problem (the second one also had a lot of dead pixels and made a strange grinding noise and the third one was also about 4-5mm out where the casing lined up with the base).


    So far (it's been about two months) the fourth one has not needed SMC resets (although the casing is about 1-2mm out where the casing lines up with the base).


    So I can only assume from my personal experience this is not, as I had originally thought, a fault accross the line but is in fact a fault found in a number of machines but not others.  Unless Apple brought out a fix between my exchange of my third and fourth machine.


    I can only suggest repeatadly asking for an exchange on machines until you get one that works or Apple realise how much money it's costing them and produce a fix for the machines that are affected.

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    The same here with my MBP-retina.


    Please Apple fix it ASAP.