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Hi all,


I'm travelling right now so I heavily rely on google maps on my iphone, os 5.1.1. Because of all the terrible things I've read about Apple maps, I do not want to update. Because I'm generally in places with wifi that is spotty, I don't want my phone to start automatically downloading ios6 while I'm connected to wifi because it slows my phone way down, not to mention eats up my wifi usage that I have to pay for in hostels. I don't want to pay for 2.3gb of usage that I don't want or need right now.


Is there any way to stop my iphone from automatically downloading ios6 while connected to wifi?? My phone is not jailbroken, but because of Apple's complete inability/unwillingness to let users set their own prefereces for things like this, I may have to jailbreak it.


Any help you could give would be most appreciated!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
Solved by ncaptiva on Sep 30, 2012 4:52 PM Solved

I had the SAME problem & it was incredibly frustrating.  Having WiFi disabled for days caused me to eat up A LOT of my data plan.  It is total BS that there is no way to cancel an OTA download.  And it is total BS that no one can get ANY help on this issue.  There should be a way to cancel or at least downgrade if you don't like the newest iOS.


So, since Apple won't let you downgrade if you went ahead & installed it, and Apple won't help AT ALL if you don't want iOS 6, I had to figure it out myself.  Here's what I did....


The stupid iOS 6 update that no wants needs a certain amount of free space in order to download & install.  I had started the download & disabled WiFi like you did, so the download was paused.  While it was paused, I set my video camera to record & it sat there & recorded for like 2.5 hours (ugh) before it finally took up all the space on my phone.  Then, I went back in & enabled WiFi & checked the piece of junk iOS 6 install & it now said it couldn't download b/c there wasn't enough space.


I figured this solution still s ucks b/c now I can't download any apps or take any more pics or vids.  About 30 minutes later, though, I went back to the horrible iOS 6 download & a message popped up saying there wasn't enough space.  When I hit "OK" or whatever to clear the message, the screen had reset & gone back to the "download & install" button.  FINALLY I was able to stop the download & installation of iOS 6.  THANK GOD.  I want nothing to do with it, and there is NO WAY Apple is taking my Google Maps or YouTube. 

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