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I've been searching the internet & these forums, and have yet to find a sufficient (and consistent) answer on what will happen to my iCloud account on September 30th, 2012.


I have <5GB on my account, own a Mac & iPhone. I would like to downgrade my account from the automatic 25GB all MobileMe customers were given, to the free 5GB version. When I try to do this on my Mac and my iPhone, the "Done" button is not usable (see image for explaination). To avoid being charged, I've had to remove my credit card details from the AppleID account. As of tomorrow (Sept 30th), Apple have said they will charge existing iCloud accounts (25GB+) for further use of the product.


My question is: why won't the "Done" to downgrade account button work on either product? Have I misunderstood, and only people using more than 25GB be charged the annual rate?





MBP, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPhone 4 / Mobile Me
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    Here's the screenshot image from my iCloud settings:

    Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 6.20.14 PM.png

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    From the email some people have received my understanding is that you will be automaticallly downgraded to 5GB unless you take specific steps to cancel the downgrade. You 'done' button doesn't work because the downgrade is already in operation.

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    Thanks for the response, Roger.


    I had also emailed the iCloud team and recieved the following message, shortly after I removed my credit card details from the my Apple iD! Looks like my complimentary service was further extended to next year, and that was why the "Done" button was not working.



    Dear XXXX,


    When you moved your MobileMe account to iCloud, we provided you with a complimentary storage upgrade beyond the standard 5GB that comes with an iCloud account to help you with the transition. Originally, this storage upgrade was set to expire on September 30, 2012.


    As a thank you to our former MobileMe members, we will continue to provide you with this complimentary storage upgrade at no charge, for an additional year, until September 30, 2013. No action is required on your part. For complete details, please read this article.


    Thank you again for using iCloud,


    iCloud Team



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    Did you get charged? I had the same issue with trying to downgrade and Apple send me the same message and then charged me 40 dollars, which I consider illegal.

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    Are you absolutely sure that you were charged? The information is displayed in a slightly confusing manner which has lead some people to assume they are being charged when they aren't.

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    Yes, I checked it with my bank. Also, no refund has been made from Apple ( they promised one 2 weeks go)