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    Well if it is any help, I have an iphone 4 on verizon that I have had since verizon's launch and I have recently began getting o's for 3g service (never happened before) and low bars for signal strength. I have had no problems before the last 3 weeks and have had verizon for over 10 years. I personally do not believe it is an iphone 5 issue as my best friend has that phone on AT&t and is not experiencing that problem. On august 30th, I lost complete signal and 3g at my work and again this past week. Early this morning I again saw a "o" where 3g is supposed to be at my home and a couple hours ago, I had 2 bars service at my home. I usually have 5 bars here.


    I personally believe it is a verizon problem and not an iphone 5 problem. Especially since the problem was fixed everytime after calling verizon. Worth mentioning....On the august 30th issue, I also lost dial tone to my verizon landline at my business. I am in a strip mall and every other business with verizon also had either no dial tone or echo in their phone instead of dial tone. Amazingly, the landline and cell phone were fixed at the exact same time.


    Also, it could be a matter of verizon and at&t carrier issues depending on where you live and what they are doing to their lines. At this time, I'm not too happy with the verizon service I've been getting lately for the price I pay them.

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    Thank you Sircarlot for pointing me to this other thread, I think it more accurately describes the type of problem I've been experiencing, bad voice quality of the person on the other end of the line.  For me it hasn't been an issue with dropped calls.  And since I switched back to AT&T from Verizon, it seems I have the same problem sometimes, although not as bad or as often.


    Judging from the amount of views on that other discussion thread (9,300 at the time I'm writing this), it seems to be more common than the dropped calls talked about on this thread.  However, at 9,300 views it seems to be a significant problem, but not a widespread problem.  I hope they come out with a fix for this issue--I also wish the problem would have been resolved before I switched back to Verizon; my data speeds were far superior with Verizon.

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    Thought I'd give an update to my iPhone 5 saga. The new SIM card in the wife's phone appears to have helped both of us. It may be a coincidence, but I stopped dropping calls (all my dropped calls happened when talking to her) after her new SIM card was installed. Also, her signal is much improved throughout our town. However, the signal was still horrible inside our apartment. The only way to keep the voice quality at an acceptable range was to sit in one spot with your left leg raised and a wire hanger sticking out of your ear. ;-)


    Alas, there is some good news though! Our home reception has improved. It's still not as good as it was with our AT&T iPhone 3GS, but at least we can walk around a bit now. Good thing, cuz that wire hanger was starting to hurt! LOL


    Things improved after I enabled Data Roaming. When the Verizon guy said my voice signal would improve if I turned on Data Roaming, I was skeptical. I questioned how that was possible if it's DATA roaming? If data and voice where the same signal, then why does their Web site have 2 different coverage maps: one for data and one for voice? He didn't have a good explanation, but it seems to have helped anyway. So everyone make sure your Data Roaming is turned on. It can be found at:


    Settings>General>Cellular>Roaming>Data Roaming


    I hope this helps someone. And for the record, the Verizon tech guy that was supposed to call me back, never did. You know, even if I hadn't dialed ### to report any dropped calls, I feel that if someone says they're going to call back to check on your situation, they should do it. Uncool, Verizon.

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    I'm orginal poster so I feel obliged to give eveyone an update on my situation.   I recieved my network extender from Verizon and despite the fact I don't like having to use my broadband to bail out Verizon, it has made a significant difference in my coverage at home.   So, for those of you frustrated by coverage in your home, this is probably not a bad option.   I was able to get the network extender for free from Verizon. It retails for $250 but If you complain and push it hard enough they will give it to you.


    My coverage around town has its issues as well, but not nearly as bad as it was in my house.   I was at a restaurant yesterday with a friend who has a iphone4 and we compared signals.   She had 3 bars and a 3g data signal while my iphone5 showed 1 bar and the old data signal with the circle.   Sigh.


    I debated back and forth about switching to ATT but ultimately decided against it.   Something to be said for the devil that you know versus the one you don't.   I can live with my reception at home now, so I guess I'll just live with whatever issues I have.


    I have to say that I am still very disappointed in Apple and this product.   This is my first iphone and I just can't believe that I'm having these problems with their new banner product.  

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    Please tell me if you find a solution.  Two of our IPhone4s just started having the dropped call problems this week.  We've had both phones for quite a while and didn't have these problems. No one at Verizon or Apple seems to be able to fix the problem!!! HELP!!

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    I haven't had a single problem since switching to ATT.  Haven't heard of widespread problems, on any network, with the new iPhone.  Maybe Verizon has done something that makes it harder for phones to switch between their 3G and LTE networks?  It doesn't seem likely that two of your phones started having problems at the same time by coincidence. 

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    Verizon tech support seems to have fixed a problem I was having with dropped calls with my brand new iPhone 5. The tech told me thay are having a problem with activations of the phone, that were not completing properly. He had me power the phone down and take the SIM card out. After he reactivated the phone, I haven't dropped another call. He has noted the account and told me tyhat if I drop more calls, I can go to a Verizon or Apple store and exchange the SIM card.


    I find this explanation more plausible than the scare stories I'm reading on this thread. Verizon is head and shoulders above any other carrier in reception in much of the U.S. I can't believe they would knowingly introduce a new Verizon iPhone with big problems. Neither Apple nor Verizon needs the bad publicity, or the the cost of fixing such a problem. They took their time introducing the iPhone 5 and learned from the problems on the 4 and 4s. It makes no sense from a business perspective.

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    My wife an I each have an iPhone 5 with Verizon service. We have never had a problem with dropped calls. Our phones are working very well.

  • kaptab Level 1 Level 1

    From what I was told by the Verizon tech, it is a problem with some but not all iPhone 5 activations that are not completed properly. Some activations, such as yours are activated properly, others are not. It's tricky cause the ones that are not completed properly can make calls, send and receive emails, texts, etc., but sometimes drop calls.

  • Flemming Rasmussen Level 1 Level 1

    I am also having dropped calls in my house constantly and sometimes outside the house too.

    This is not a Verizon or ATT problem i think, since i live in Denmark and use a provider called Telia.

    The problem started after updating to 6.0.1 on my iPhone 5 (not sure if it was a problem on 6.0).


    Also people try calling me but can't get through to me... they get a busy tone instead.


    I am returning the iPhone 5, since a can't accept this problem.

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    I am a previous owner of an Android Incredible I.  I never had an issue with dropped calls. I have been a Verizon customer since 1996. Since upgrading to the Iphone 5, I have had CONSISTENT (and I cannot stress this word enough) dropped calls in my home.  I live in a town that is heavily populated AND on top of a hill where there are no obstructions. I cannot even explain how often this is happening - I have had to restrain myself from chucking my iphone across the room in frustration because it was $500!  I have been working with Verizon Wireless on an ongoing basis. I have Apple Care and turned to them for help. We first thought it was the actual phone I had - it may be just a bad phone. Apple exchanged it for a new iPhone 5. I continued to have problems. The rate of dropped calls in my home is increasing as time goes on. I am having heavy suspicions that Verizon knows there is some sort of issue with the 4G network and they are not fessing up.  They suggested I buy a Network Extender for $250. I refuse to buy an additional device to receive service in my home when they should be providing service that I currently pay for each month. After much conversation and numerous troubleshooting phone calls, Verizon offered to send me a Network Extender for free. *** NOTE: No one should have to pay for this if they are in a populated area -- keep squeeking! you will get one if you are polite and persistent!  I plugged in my extender I received. I have not noticed ANY difference. As a matter of fact, if I get close to the extender when I'm on the phone, the call drops 100% of the time.  More phone calls and sending data to Verizon for every dropped call (####send) and they remain with the theory that I am in a spotty coverage area. I refuse to believe this because I know I live in an area where there is no obstruction. I used to live in a canyon in the mountains -- THAT I can understand having spotty coverage. Last week, Verizon offered to send me a different phone (Samsung Galaxy III).  I received the phone last week. Unfortunately, I am STILL having issues with dropped calls. I was on a phone call with a friend last night and I dropped the call 5 times!!!! I am not giving up. I am going to be calling Verizon and pushing until the issue is resolved. I think alot of us are in the same boat after switching to 4G. It's going to come out that something is wrong with the 4G network that they are not telling us. I don't want to speak negatively of Verizon because I have been an extremely happy customer since 1996 but since my upgrade in late October, I have become increasingly frustated. I encourage all of us that are experiencing this issue to be persistent (even though it is incredibly time consuming and maddening) because if enough of the customers complain, the issue will be resolved. We are all paying alot of money for our phones and services and not receiving what we are paying for. I am afraid I am going to have to go back to having a land line. This is my last alternative but it does not resolve the issue at hand. I do hope this gets resovled quickly. I really cannot afford to add an additional expense of a land line.

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    Verizon customer service is horrendous, I *wish* I didn't like the FIOS for my home so much, as I'd be happy to pull that business away from them.  I've been thrilled with my ATT iPhone and will soon move the last members of my family on Verizonwireless over to ATT.  Technology should "just work" for us, as Apple products usually do.  We shouldn't have to "push" or "squeek", get extra equipment or spend hours with customer non-service.  Vote with your dollars for the kind of service you want.

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