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I bought a Pioneer SMA4 Airplay enabled speaker system from Best Buy tonight. After getting it set up I was able to stream music from my Apple TV using the external speaker functionality that was just added on Sept 24.However once I tried to watch an episode of The Office I bought from iTunes on the Apple TV the audio came from the television itself instead of the Airplay speaker that was set as the preferred audio output device. I looked around on forums and it sounds like movies and TV shows would stream sound to an airplay enabled set of speaker in the beta but this functionality has been crippled. If a person sets the movie or television show in iTunes to a Kind:Music Video it will work! But that's a lousy work around and it ruins what I thought one of the main use cases of would be -- wireless audio from a film or TV show to a nice set of Airplay speakers and the video only out of the TV. Is this just a bug?