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Greetings Apple Community,


I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this error.  Whenever I compose a wiki page with lines formatted to monospace, the wiki adds an extra paragragh space after each save.  The end result is that


for each monospace paragraph, after multiple saves...








A large gap is eventually created.



If anyone else has this problem, I would be glad to know about it (to confirm whether I am alone).  If anyone knows how to fix it, I would really appreciate your guidance!


Thanks to all.


- Aaron

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    I am seeing this issue too.  Newlines ("\n") are being added.  This also occurs when I use HTML snippets with <pre></pre> blocks.

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    Hi Gary,


    Thanks for checking in; I was worried I was alone.


    Out of curiousitiy, did you try to install Fink or MacPorts before you realized this problem?  I would be interested to know if there was a causal connection with something I was working on.


    I have two macs in my place.  I installed the server app on a MacAir running Mountain Lion and verified that it wasn't having the same issue.  In spite of all the negative reviews of Mountain Lion (especially the process of updating the server app), I went ahead and updated my Lion MacMini Server (where I was seeing the error) to Mountain Lion server.  The process was relatively straight-forward, though I recall being mildly scared of data loss at one point.  Now everything is fine.


    So - I know of no  "solution" per se, but I can verify that the problem does not persist across upgrades.


    Hope this helps.


    - Aaron

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    Thanks for the update.  I am not an admin for the server, I'll have to check with the admin.