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After updating my Apple TV once iOS6 released, I have not been able to get my podcast Favorites to work properly. I have a decent collection of podcast favorites which I use to identify and listen to new episodes. I have multiple TVs in the house and it's all kept in sync. Now, they don't work. The badges are all out of sync and often don't show new episodes when new episodes ARE available. I literally have to select the favorite and go into EACH AND EVERY favorite to see if a new episode is there. If it is, THEN the numbered badge appears when I back out. And these badges are all different on each Apple TV.


Often, there are NO badges at all. THEN "unwatched" badges disappear immediately upon playing an episode. Sometimes I'll take a peak at an episode (just a few seconds) and the badge is immediately cleared and marked as watched. This is infuriating.


Honestly, I expect difficult tasks to have problems. I don't mind that. But this just seems like basic bookmarking and RSS feed functionality. How does Apple screw up such a common task? And in typical Apple style, I'm sure we'll have to live with these problems for an eternity until before a fix is rolled out.



Apple TV (3rd generation), iOS 6
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    Over a month later and STILL no fix or even any acknowledgment that the problem is being worked on. Honestly, I my loyalty to apple has finally been shaken. I don't need my tech to do a lot of complex stuff, but I need it to do the basics with some level of consistency. I'm now open to alternate home media solutions.

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    I'm having the same problem, and it is a pain in the butt!  Having to go into each favorite to see if there is a new episode kinda defeats the purpose.  Apple needs to provide us with some answers!

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    I Still have this issue. With the latest version of Apple TV as of this writing.