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I can't see any signs of me having purchased several tunes on several albums. They're marked as unpurchased, and the complete my album feature is not working either. How do I fix this?

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    I'm also having an issue with the Complete My Album feature today.


    - The complete my album page isn't recognizing some of my purchases (seems to be one particular order)

    - Even for the purchases that the page does recognize, it's not actually giving me the lower price when I click through to the album page


    It's really annoying, because I'd like to spend money right now, but I'd also like to not pay double for songs I already own.

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    That article just answers questions about the feature... It doesn't really give any solutions for what to do if it's not working as designed.

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    Is it possible that the albums that you want to complete are not eligible? That is noted in the kb.


    I don't see an album on my Complete My Album page.

    If you don't see an album on the Complete My Album page:

    • The album itself may no longer be available for sale on iTunes.
    • You acquired the content with song code promotions which do not qualify for Complete My Album credits.
    • Apple may not have the rights to offer Complete My Album for that album.


    Log out from your iTS account - Close iTunes - Repair Permissions with Disk Utility. Reboot - launch iTunes and log in. See if that helps.



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    If I go to the 'Complete My Album' page, I have a bunch of albums listed there (not all of them, so that could be part of it, but I still think there's a bigger issue), yet if I click on the 'Complete Album for $x.xx' button to go through to the album page, it doesn't recognize the previous purchases, and doesn't give me the proper price.


    Given that they're listed on my Complete My Album page, I'd like to think that, at least for those ones, it rules out then not being eligible.


    I'll try out your other suggestion when I get back to my computer. Thanks for that.

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    ok so I'm having an issue as well. I bought several singles listed seprately from the full album before it came out. Now that it's out, I go to buy it and it says "You are eligable to purchase the rest of the album at a reduced price. To see the reduced, price click Complete My Album..." I click it and nothing happens... I don't wanna buy the same songs again...