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    try switching off the LTE.. It worked for me.....

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    Hi Guys,


    I am also facing the No Service issue whenever i use an elevator and suddenly the signal goes to one point and then will show No Service and again i will gain the signal after restarting my iPhone 5.(Some times i left it to see whether how long it takes to gain the signal... once for 2-3 hours i didnt get the signal and finally using the restart option...... )


    I am using Airtel service in india and previously with my old Sony Ericsson phone i have never faced this issue and this is my first iPhone and sometimes i noticed that in the middle of commuting the signal disappears.


    I get irritated at these times,as i am in India and using an iPhone which was bought in US.


    Apple should really look at this issue ASAP... not sure whether this is because of hardware of software problem.


    Hope this should be a software issue and apple fixes this.

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    I had no service on my iphone 5 ever since i bought it the other day. I contacted the carrier and they made me do some tricks but still nthing happened. Lastly they asked me to find a friend who has a working iphone5 and try the nano sim in it. I'm getting so dissappointed ;-(

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    had this same issue. 3 sims and 2 phones later it is still happening. had mobile data off when in Germany and there were no issues. turned off all mobile data settings. iCloud, FaceTime etc. mobile data is still on. 3G is on. iCloud, face time etc is off. no signal loss for two days now. wife has same phone and network and has never had a problem. frustrating but hopefully fixed.

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    turned out the problem was the nano sim. They replaced it and had no problem since then. Cheers.

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    Was troubleshooting with same problem. Did four things so not sure which did the trick.

    1. Toggle airplane mode a few times

    2. Toggle LTE a few times

    3. Make sure cellular data is ON

    4. Roaming Voice only.


    All those settings and mine came back to life.


    I had just travelled through a very low to no service area for a long time.

    I think this "fools" it and the No Service message gets "stuck".

    Sorry for the non-technical jargon; but whatever works!

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    I had "no service" showing and  1/2 to 1 bar...I had tried everything mentioned here, except the replacement coil. I tried new sim cards..nothing..I even switched cell phone providers. What finally worked is the Wilson Cradle Cell Phone Signal Booster. I instantly went from "no service" to 3 bars..and  everywhere else to 4 bars!

    Works amazing! I am so happy! I use it in my home & vehicle. I can go anywhere now and have cell service.

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    Also facing this problem. Tried all options mentioned - didn't help, turned off 3G (we don't have LTE) it helps, but even sometimes when I have signal on the phone when someone calls me, gets reply that phone is turned off or without network coverage.

    What's the point of buying such an expensive device if you can't simply receive or make calls?

    The most annoying is ingnorance of this problem by Apple!!!!

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    Yes very very annoying!! IMO it is a problem with the iPhone itself, otherwise how could ALL these people have the same exact problem??. I still on occassion get dropped calls or as you state: person gets phone is turned off or without network coverage. The only thing that worked for me was the cell phone booster.  It really annoys me that I had to pay out MORE money just to get my phone to work!! I have an iPhone 5 & I expected exceptional quality!


    All I can recommend is to find a cell phone has been working for me.

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    I think my iPhone5 32GB got totally confused by having to behave like it was an iPod, connected via a Denison ICE 500 module for the car journey down to my house in France (I have all my audiobooks on the iPhone 5). When I reached the house it would not pick up a GSM signal, even though I am line of sight to the mast. My older French iPhone 3 was working perfectly on Orange France and getting 4 bars of signal. My iPhone 5 could find 3 carriers but would not connect to any of them. I was using this phone in Switzerland earlier this year, so I know it is not a roaming issue. I did the usual Network Reset but even this did not work. However an internet search suggested turning Aircraft Mode off and on a few times to force the iPhone to keep searching for carriers. This worked. I will do this in future rather than doing a network reset as that loses all my wifi passwords.


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    Ok Guys after months of this problem of losing service and not being able to resume service without doing a hard reset I have finally found the answer.

    go in to Settings - Privacy - Location Service - scroll down to System Services - and then switch off the following


    Compass Calibration

    Diagnostics & Usage

    Genius for Apps

    Location-Based iAds

    Mobile Network Search.


    Hope this helps

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    You are actually right about the No Service Error. The best and most well-working cure is to turn on and turn off Airplane Mode.

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    What I did notice on my Iphone 5 and 5s (yes, had problem with both of them) is the nano sim type. It seems that Vodafone RO nano-sim pin layout is very close to the metal band on the sim tray. I suspect that sometimes the + and GND pins can make a pseudo short through aluminium sim tray. I did used some thin adhesive tape to isolate the two metal bands from the sim pins and it worked fine since then, at least on my case. Symptoms were the same as on others.

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    My current "No Service" is more due to O2 UK, who keep repairing our local 1986 vintage mast, rather than biting the bullet and replacing it. It is out of service for around 3 to 5 days each month and poor signal for around another 4 to 5 days. Of course, when the signal is poor, my iPhone 5's battery runs down far faster. It has just changed about 10 days ago to 3G from intermittent E, so I hope for a modest improvement but I am not too optimistic.



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    My old Android phone used to do that, which was a Epic Touch 4G. When you're phone is disconnected for 15+ minutes it automaticlly stops searching for cellular service to preserve the battery.