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m0thr4 Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

Subject pretty much says it all... when I go to Manage Devices in my iTunes store account, my iPhone 5 shows up as an iPhone 4S.


When I first set up my iPhone 5, I did restore it from a backup of my previous iPhone 4S, but surely this is what everyone does?  I did the same going from the 4 to the 4S, without this particular problem.


Any idea how to fix it? 

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    Yep, my did the exact same thing. I have never owned an iPhone 4S, just a iPhone 4, yet the iPhone 5 is showing up as an iPhone 4S in the Manage Devices section of iTunes store. Very frustrating and have been on the phone to Apple for two hours and still no resolution.

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    Same here, was just having a look around tonight as I'm just about to sell my iPhone 4 and sure enough in the Manage Devices seciton its showing iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5

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    Same here. Both relieved and concerned that more people have this issue.


    I never owned an iPhone 4S so it's a tad weird.


    (Just wanted to add my voice to the choir in hopes that it will help attract attention to this odd issue)

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    I'll add my frustration to the pile as well. My itunes doesnt even show a device selection option in the left column, and when I go into manage devices.....whadda know iphone 4s! (i have a 5, previously owned a 3gs)


    Very annoying indeed! there seems to be several issues with this new phone, including setting up a pop email account which also does not work, and worked fine on my 3GS

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    I have never owned an iphone before but I have had a Ipod Touch 4G. I set up my iphone with icloud first then activated the phone. I dont think there has been a problem so far with sync or anything. My itunes is up to date. So Idk what to do!

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    Same here.  I spoke with AppleCare Support last night to discuss it and the rep said he hadn't heard about this issue yet!  I hope it gets corrected soon, along with several other "new" iTunes-related issues, including iTunes not finding my iPhone 5 for a wireless sync unless I re-boot my MBP (as someone else here has mentioned).

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    I have the same issue but as far as I can see it does not cause any issues when using the device.

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    iPhone 5 not showing up in iTunes Managed Device.  Everything seems to be working proper.



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    I also ran into this issue, only I didnt realize it at the time and since I sold my iPhone 4S I deleted the association from my account. Now I cant get itunes to re-associate it (iPhone 5) so I guess I have to wait 90 days? I am going to call Apple and see what they say, hopefully they can fix it!

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    For a while, I had no devices under iTunes Managed Device.  Now the 4S came back spontaneously.  The only problem is I no longer have the 4S; but the 5. Fortunately everything is working well.  I read from others that this doesn't matter and that eventually it will change to 5.

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    Same here, iPhone 5 showing up as 4S, even though my last iPhone was a 4.


    Btw, I chose NOT to restore from the iCloud backup I had of my previous iPhone 4 (choosing to set up my 5 as "new") so it looks like this issue has nothing to do with old settings from a previous restore. 


    I think it's probably as simple as someone at Apple needing to update the hardware profiles info available to iTunes by adding in iPhone 5.  Since the iPhone 5 version number is higher, iTunes appears to be defaulting to the highest known iPhone version number it has, which is obvioulsy the iPhone 4S.


    Other than that, I'm not experiencing other issues, so I'm guessing it's a simple fix someone will eventually get around to doing--probably once they're done helping out the Apple Maps team--LOL!

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    I went to Apple aftern I discovered it and the guy at the store tried it and it came up as a 4S too. He logged it as an Apple technical problem. Felt relieved that it's doing the same for everyone. The phone has been working fine.

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    Yep, I have the same problem. I raised the issue with Apple (case id 360600209) and typically as before they treat it as if they have not got a problem.


    The Customer Support Adviser suggests that I need to pay for technical support to resolve their problem. I gave him a piece of my mind and asked him to speak with someone senior before coming back tom; after several emails later, this is Apple's latest reply:


    Dear xxxxx,


    I have consulted my senior advisor to handle your request, however, your issue is out of our scope of support. You may get advice, insight, and hands-on technical support at a local Apple Store (there may be a fee for the visit). Find the Apple Store nearest you and click the link to make a reservation at the Genius Bar:


    So I am off to the Genius Bar today -- will report back.


    What farce for a leading and global company!!!!

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    The side bar uses the NAME on your device.


    It can be anything and not directly associated with the model.


    To change it do this on your PHONE




    In the top panel is the NAME

    Tap the reveal arrow on the right of the name


    In the next panel TYPE what ever you want to call your phone and that's what will appear in the side panel of iTunes on your Mac or PC.