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Hmm... After doing a ton of searching over the net, I cannot seem to find a simple answer to this.


I want to setup to a prepay plan for my daughter.  After doing a lot of research I have settled on using a used AT&T iPhone 4 with the Straight Talk plan from Walmart. But ther is one problem. Straight Talk uses the at&t network and we have no reception at home.


So I would like to phone automatically switch to using wifi when at home, just like it does for data. From what I understand, this means getting a VoIP system going somehow.  But when I go to the app store the number of VoIP apps is bewildering.   I would like to use something that will make it completely transparent, ie keeping the same iPhone number, being able to text msg and all.  Is that possible?  Can I do that with a known quantity like Skype or vonage? Is there some extra hardware required?  Can I keep my number?  Any other recommendation?


My ISP is Cox communications and my wifi is through an Aiport Extreme.


Thank  you for any help in this rather confusing issue.



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Reply by stidmatt on Mar 10, 2013 11:29 PM Helpful
yes, you can. I was extremely frustrated by having to jump through all sorts of hoops. I made a blogpost on this which you will find useful: http://stidmatt.blogspot.com/2013/03/forwarding-iphone-calls-in-3-easy-steps.htm l

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