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Hi folks...I'm trying to reconnect COLOR files back to my project on an external drive. The COLOR files have been moved off the main machine but I can't seem to reconnect them back to my Final Cut Studio project.

I was making a short video on FC7 on a MAC machine at work. I was using an external drive to save all my project to but had forgotten to point the COLOR program to it. All the COLOR files were on the machine's Internal drive. I copied them off onto the external drive where everything else is but couldn't re-connect them to the files in Final Cut. The other machine at work suffered a fatal error last week and has now died. I've tried re-connecting the files through Final Cut and also through COLOR but nothing works.All the processed COLOR clips come up in Final Cut with 'Media Offline'. Please help...I've been working on the short for months!!



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    When you choose RECONNECT, set up the search for the single location and point to the new folder.  Or, actually navigate to the files, and find the first one. 


    If that fails...open COLOR again, and set the render directory to where you want it, and render again.  Then resend back to FCP

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    Thanks Shane... I tried the single location thing before but no luck. I navigated directly to the file that had the right name but it just wouldn't connect. I honestly don't know what the problem is.

    I'll try the render thing you suggest. My only worry is that it will create new files in Final Cut that won't be part of my edited sequence. Thanks again for chipping in though.

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    Well, you'll be rendering exaclty the same sequence you rendered before.  Just send to FCP again.  Another sequence will come back and that should like to the new renders.