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I upgraded to ML a couple of days after the release. It seemed to work fine and the only thing I noticed was that the number of files on my HD went from about 300K on Lion to about 900K on ML; it is important to note that I clone my HD weekly using SuperDuper and the file count with Lion is consitantly about 300K.


I started a plot of the file count and the HD space. After about three weeks I used a utility to remove all non English localizations which reduced the file count to about 750K and also reduced the HD space; still, nowhere near the 300K of Lion.


Then the strangeness. Over six days the file count went down to about 280K while the HD space didn't change. Then two weeks later it went back up again and then a couple of days ago it has started down again with HD space remaining essentially constant.


I have verified these numbers using Disk Utility and SuperDuper. This is a plot of the behavior



I have Googled and found nothing. I assume that since the HD space doesn't change much while the file count changes by about 500K that these are very small files. NOTE:


  • I do not have Time Machine on.
  • I have cleared the caches
  • I have rebooted
  • Disk space used remains constant at about 30G
  • I have done everything one can think of


The computer runs just fine and all applications are normal; this is just bugging me. Any thoughts?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Look what I found here...


    Maybe the folks there at shirt-pocket.com know more about it, and how they count, e.g. when it comes to Apple's packages. By the way you have the new ML-compatible v2.7.1?

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    The folks at shirt pocket count files the same as Disk Utility. If I launch them simultaneously the file counts agree exactly.


    By the way you have the new ML-compatible v2.7.1?





    Maybe the folks there at shirt-pocket.com know more about it


    I've posted this issue on the SuperDuper forum [as you discovered], Apple Insider forum and Mac Rumors forum.


    So far nothing

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    Using the Terminal and starting at the root using


    cd /


    I was able to get file counts for all major directories using


    sudo find "<directory_name>/" | wc -l from the Terminal. The results are:


    Users: 28200

    Applications: 89953

    Library: 88184

    System: 88072

    bin: 38

    usr: 21662

    private: 319322


    That adds up to over 600K files. I'm going to repeat this over the next week and see where the big change is. My current suspicion is the private directory.

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    One step closer. The bulk of the files in private are in private/var/log


    Football time will chase this down Monday.

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    Problem Solved!


    I now have it down to my AV application, Virus Barrier X6. I have tens of thousands of log files with a first line something like this

    mdworker(9642) deny mach-lookup com.intego.mig_hook


    Not sure what that means but the number of such files is equal to the difference between my "normal" count and the abnormal high count. I do know that mdworker is the index process for Spotlight.


    I filed a report with Intego; they responded in 30 minutes with a setting change that resolved the issue. They have a "Behvioral Analysis" mode that keeps an eye on suspicious activities performed by applications. If any application does anything that could be considered abnormal (such as deleting a large number of files, for example), VirusBarrier X6 will alert you to this. It generates a lot of log files. I disabled it and deleted their log files and all is good.

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    It usually come downs to one AV app or another. What are you hoping to accomplish with this that the OS doesn't already do for you?

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    In the 28 years I've used Mac's I've had three viruses. One was actually injected by an IT person [accidentally] maintaining our Mac's at work. We had about 45,000 Macs at that time spread over four continents.


    Having worked in software for 35 years I've learned the hard way that the paranoid survive and those that think their OS is bullet proof are fools.