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I'm really excited about the shared photo stream function introduced in iOS 6 but have to say Apple made it very confusing.  On my iPhone, it seems simple enough with the exception that I haven't been able to figure out how to select multiple pictures and share them at once using Photos.  It seems to only let you do one at a time which could be pain because the subscribers will receive a notification with each new upload.  I don't see the option at all to create a new personal photostream in either iPhoto for my iPhone or iPad even though you can select mutliple photos using that app.  Does it exist yet or can you only view, not create or edit photo streams in iPhoto? 


Also, in the Photos app for iPad, it's much easier to upload multiple photos to a photo stream however, I don't see anywhere to add people to a photo stream.  Where is the equvilent screen on the iPad to the blue arrow "Edit Photo Stream" screen in the iPhone version of Photos?  There must be some way to add and remove people, make a photo stream public or share links or delete the stream all together on the iPad.  I have to say, I'm really amazed at how poorly this has been implemented.  For a cool function to be so confusing and different across applications and devices is very un-Apple like. 


Can anyone shed any light on how this is supposed to work on the iPad and in iPhoto for both devices?



iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 6
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    On my iPad 3:  (hopefully similar to IOS on your iPad)


    To create a new PhotoStream or add to the stream:

    • open the "Photos" app
    • select an album or the camera roll or photo stream
    • go to edit
    • In the "Edit" panel select multiple photos by tabbing them
    • click "Share"
    • Select "Photo Stream" > New Photo Stream, or select an existing stream to add to.
    • Enter the settings for a new stream, press "next"


    To edit the settings of a Photo Steam,

    • go to the "Photo Stream" tab,
    • when all streams ar displayed, click "Edit"
    • tab one stream, until the "Edit Photo Stream" panel appears.
    • Change the subscribers
    • Click "Done".


    I cannot help with the iPhone, sorry.




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    Ahhh....thank you.  I see how to get that edit panel to come up now in Photos on the iPad.  Very poor interface because you have no idea that option is there.  In edit mode, it appears your only option is to delete the photo stream.  It's much more straight forward in the iPhone Photos app.


    Does any of this same functionality exist in iPhoto?  So far it only seems like you can view a photo stream in iPhoto, not create or manage one.

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    No, afaik, you have to add the images to the Camera Roll, and make a detour to the Photo app, to post from iPhoto to a shared Photo Stream. To share from iPhoto I prefer to post a journal; this way my friends can decide, if they want to download the images. Is is not as intrusive as a Photo Stream.