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I got my phone and it had about 80% charge. I let it drain first use and I plugged it in to the wall charger after. It only charged up to 57% and it stopped charging. Whatever I did, the phone wouldn't charge. After a few hours, the phone died and I tried charging it again and the charging symbol showed up. It charged enough to turn the phone on but then it wouldn't charge anymore.


Is it a bad lightning cable or the phone itself?


Another question I have is that the phone doesn't seem sturdy on the top. When I tap the top part of the phone near the camera lens it sounds like it wasn't manufactured well. Is the phone like this or did I get a faulty phone?

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Black 32GB Verizon
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    The charging problem is most likely a faulty cable or (more likely) a faulty wall charger. If it's charging whilst powered off, but not whilst powered on, it sounds like the wall charger isn't providing enough juice.


    The rattle is normal. It's the auto-focus mechanism which is mechanical and requires some play in the mechanism.

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    I forgot to mention I tried charging it in many different outlets and with my macbook air, and no luck, I even tried the ipad wall charger and still no luck.


    If I walk up to to an Apple Story will they replace my cable?

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    Yes, I'd expect them to replace the cable. If that doesn't work they'll have to replace the phone.  :)

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    So I left it charging while turned off and I got it to charge to 100% but it still won't charge while turned on and nothin happens when I connect the iPhone to my macbook. I also noticed in the phone it says the battery usage statistics will only show after the phone is fully charged and I did charge it up to 100% and yet it doesn't show the battery stats.


    So I'm beginning to think maybe it's the phone software? Is there a way to sync the phone wirelessly to my macbook without connecting it first with the cable?

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    super late reply


    yes, it was the cable.