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  • brenna123 Level 1 Level 1

    They recommended replacing it as these 2 models are discontinued. I think this modem may also be the culprit in my husbands trouble with getting connected wirelessly with his Xbox. They also said that a letter was mailed to "many" of their customers explaining that if they have one of these models and are having issues then they can have it replaced free of charges. I personally was never notified. Here is the link for the modem issue. 418

  • brenna123 Level 1 Level 1
  • brenna123 Level 1 Level 1

    And again it failed... Way to go comcast!  Can still see it though... At the top click "return to approved device list"  scroll down to Arris in the list... The bad ones are in red.

  • discosrule Level 1 Level 1

    I have 2x iphone5's and 1x ipad2 and all have the same issue sending imsg's on my home wifi network, anywhere else imsg send's fine.  My modem is a Dlink and i am located in Australia!

  • Dizzylizzy1207 Level 1 Level 1

    I already restart it the network settings, restart it completely , plus i also contacted my wireless carrier at&t and told them that this problem started after update to iOs 6.0 so they told me to turn off phone and they would reboot it again to the network it might help again, once they told me to turn it on i tried sending mms again with no wifi just the network data and although it took about a 50 seconds to send it did, thing is it seems to get stuck towards the end i don't get it i know is not the networks problem customer service from at&t told me apple did find issues with the upgrade and they are working to fix it, but i want them to fix it asap !!!!

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    Oh my goodness wish i knew how long we have to wait ! Apple needs to test their software updates before exposing it to the apple community!

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    I find it hard to believe that it has to do with modems or internet providers. I've tried it unsuccessfully on two different providers/modems in the Corpus Christi area, and one in the Dallas area. Quite honestly, I think the IOS6 has a lot more bugs than they expected and it's pretty sad that a company of this caliber would put out such a crappy product without thoroughly testing it first. I'm starting to regret switching over from Android.

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    I did too at first.. I've been able to send with no trouble from 2 other Comcast modems, both had separate routers for wireless, and also from a Verizon wireless connection... When I'm in my local coffee shop it works fine, although I have no idea what Internet they are using. At home on the Comcast TG862, which has the wireless gateway built in so no need for a separate router, I get nothing but failed sends for group messages and for pics. I do agree that iOS 6 was released too buggy, but my bugs are magically disappearing when I connect to other modems. I should have the new modem any day now, when I have it up and running I will post the results here.

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    I just found this post yesterday (thank you brenna123 you sloved it for me ) and contacted Comcast today because I to was having the same issue of my picture iMessages wouldn't send but I could send iMessage text messages and also receive iMessage pics and texts from other iPhone users.  Well, I found out after reading this post that my modem from Comcast was the TG862 and I called them and they told me to take the modem to my nearest Comcast Service Center and get a new modem.  I did and told them the issue I was having and that the model modems I didn't want (TG862 and TG852) so they gave me the SMCD3GNV model modem.  Well, I got home hooked it up and had it activated and then connected to the wifi and then tried to send an iMessage picture to another iPhone and it actually sent.  I had my husband test it also from his iPhone and his sent as well because we both were having the same issue.  The only down fall I'm having now with switching out the modems (which I didn't know could happen) is that it will mess up your home phone!  So everything works now the Internet, the wifi, iMessage but my home phone doesn't.  Now I have to wait till Friday because a technician is coming out to see what the problem is and hopefully fix it.  All in all I'm happy I got the iMessage problem worked out and can go a few days without a home phone.  So if you have Comcast and are changing your modem just beware and ask if this will happen to you also.  Hope this helps 

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    Comcast fixed my home phone service now so everything with the new modem works and iMessage is still working the way it should 

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    I'm sorry but I really don't think it's just local to ComCast users. I'm on an Aerohive Wireless network and I am unable to send photos to other iphone/ipad users on a wifi network. I'm using ios 6.0 on an ipad 2.

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    I'm not on Comcast either.  I use Buckeye Cable and I'm still unable to iMessage pics...

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    Well, for me it was a Comcast modem issue.  I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad both using ios 6 and changing out my modem solved it for me.  I don't think it's an ios 6 problem because I would still be having the problem after changing out the modem.  I hope you all get the problem fixed because it upset me and I was on the phone for an hour with an apple person who couldn't figure it out then I found this and about the modem issue and it fixed it for me.  Good luck 

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    I'm having the same exact issue, imessages goes through fine via LTE on my iPhone 5 but not through wifi.  I have the issue no matter where i am when i'm connected through wifi.  At work we have cisco access points (which i had no issues with my iPhone 4 iOS6 sending imessages through) and at home i have FiOS (again, worked fine with my iphone 4).  So i basically turned off my wifi just to use imessages, hopefully this won't kill my data plan for the month.

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    I'm also suffering from this problem. The problem appeared as soon as I got the Comcast TG862 modem. Very frustrating.

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