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  • jayson624 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having the same issues!

  • discosrule Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, have been playing around at home for a few weeks now, I have an ipad2, and qty 2x iPhone5's NONE of them will send IMessages or Photostream desnt work either on my home wifi setup but work fine on any other wifi's!


    I have reset my ipad2 back to factory defaults and I even tried setting up a NEW iTunes account but neither of these things worked.


    So as a last resort i have just put in a new ADSL2 (Melbourne, Australia) modem and wifi that I had sitting around, both different brands and have gotten it working!


    I can now send iMessages with pictures on wifi and my photo stream has started working again.  I can't work out why my old setup doesn't work as I tried factory restoring the modem and nothing.


    Old hardware;

    - dlink DSL-502T (ADSL2 modem)

    - dlink DIR-600 (wifi hotspot)


    New hardware;

    - Linksys AM300 (ADSL2 modem)

    - Sonicwall sonicpoint G (wifi hotspot)


    Going to see if i can get the newer dlink wifi to work with my Linksys modem next.



  • discosrule Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually found resetting my original modem back rot factory defaults and redoing all the settings has fixed my issues.


    So all my old hardware works, just had to reset everything to factory defaults and start again.



  • Jsslanders Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone else tried resetting their modem to factory settings with success? I have the Comcast TG862 and wondering if discorule/Matt's technique worked. I'm gonna try it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes for me.

  • jayson624 Level 1 (0 points)

    I called Comcast today (I too have their service and what seems to be the problem modem/router). They told me it was an apple issue and I should call them. I gave apple a call and they told me to contact Verizon. 32972837654123 circles later, I still can't send pictures through iMessage.


    Jsslanders - if what you try works, will you please post instructions?

  • Jsslanders Level 1 (0 points)

    No it didn't work. I'm going to call Comcast either later today or tomorrow and see if I can get them to try resetting it from there. If that doesn't work, then I'm going to try getting a new modem. I'll keep you posted.

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    It took me forever to do this but it was killing me until I finally solved the problem. I went to my wifi and instead of clicking the network I chose other and typed in the network, and just connected that way. This is the only way my iPhone remembers this network. Other than that everything works fine. My question now is : when I'm on the phone the only people I can send pics to while I'm in the phone connected through wifi are other iPhone users. It doesn't let me send pictures to other users for eg android and other regular cellphones. I don't know if its the carrier or what it is? Someone please help me figure this out.

  • Danny718 Level 1 (0 points)

    Correction " I went under my wifi setting on iPhone".

  • iDeeitzDee Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iPad2 and an iPhone 4S.  I primarily use my iPad while I'm at work using my company's wifi signal as well as using that same signal for my iPhone.  My iPad will NOT send any pictures via imessaging, but my phone does.  I'm not sure if its the wifi problem or not because when I'm home I have the same problem.  I would love for this to get fixed because I hate feeling like I have a defective product. 

  • Jsslanders Level 1 (0 points)

    I called Comcast and after getting the run-around—the tech support rep I was talking to was very hard to understand, clearly reading the same thing over and over again from a script while not listening to what I was saying and kept trying to get me enrolled in some monthly service contract at an ridiculous price just for them to troubleshoot over the phone, of which I refused—I have scheduled a tech to come out and test/possibly replace the modem to see if this resolves the issue. I don't see how it couldn't be a Comcast Modem issue as my brand new iPad Mini that I got yesterday will not send iMessages either. Yet it and my iPhone 4S will send iMessages from other wifi signals.


    My advice for dealing with Comcast, after you politely ask for them to resolve the issue and decline to pay any fees, is if you are not getting anywhere tell them you are going to drop their service and sign up with a competitor. I would think that the idea of losing business—especially if you are a loyal customer—would motivate them to resolve the issue ASAP. And never take no from someone who doesn't have the authority to say yes.


    I'll keep you all posted.

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    This might help some of you.... my imessages just stopped working all together yesterday so I tried this and it worked. 


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    Comcast came out today and by switching out the modem, it solved the problem. I was able to send an iMessage with image in less than 3 seconds. When the tech first got here and I explained the issue—even showing him the site that listed the two model numbers—did not want to admit that the modem was the issue. I asked him if we could just try and see if that solved the problem. After it did, he admitted that he didn't think it was going to work and that he "learned something new today."


    One thing to note, when Igot this modem, which has a built-in router, when I still was using my Airport router, the light flashed yellow, despite Internet working. But with the replaced modem, without an internal router, and back fully using my Airport, the light is green. So clearly there was something wrong with that modem model.


    Glad it's finally fixed.

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    Jsslanders...I am having Comcast come out on Wednesday. Which modem did they give you?

  • Jsslanders Level 1 (0 points)

    I got the Arris TM722G/CT.


    As I said, he didn't want to believe that the modem was the issue. But I politely requested that we try a different modem and if that solved the problem, great. If not, at least we eliminated that as a possibility. When it worked, he was much more polite. Also, I think the Apple Airport not working properly with the other modem was telling of the issues with the device.


    Let me know how it goes.

  • 611Dawn Level 1 (0 points)

    I received a new modem today. I requested the newest modem that did NOT have the internal wireless and within seconds my photostream and iMessages with pictures were working again.  The tech did not think the modem was the issue but was willing to give it a try! I am so glad after almost two months this is finally resolved! 

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