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    I have an iPad 4  and I use insight cable. My iPad will no longer send photos through Imessaging. I have tried every remedy listed on this website and nothing works for me. I have determined it will send pictures through Imessaging when I am connected through my telephone Wi-Fi hotspot. I have reset my iPad to my router and my modem several times. I reset my network settings and made other changes listed here. I am still unable to send pictures through I Messaging. I gave my wife a new iPad for Christmas and it will not send photos either. Any further suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cfisher678 Level 1 (0 points)

    My daughter and I too received mini iPads for Christmas and I upgraded them to 6.0.2 and now cannot send photos over wifi.  We have one of the Comcast modems mentioned above. I tried everything else but nothing worked. Comcast is coming tomorrow. My husband tried a little test. He could send photos no problem with his iPad 2. He was on 6.0.1. Then he upgraded to 6.0.2 and right after doing so could no longer send photos either!  Hoping that a modem switch solves it all.  Something with 6.0.2 and certain modems is causing problem.  My friends who are on AT&T do not ave issues......

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    Are you waiting long enough? I have an issue sometimes where the picture takes extremely long to send... so I leave it alone for a while. You know it's absolutely failing when it says "Message Failure".

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    I am using 6.0.1 and mine will not work. Mine finally says "not delivered". Wish I had an answer.

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    Try shutting down all other apps so that the connection is faster. (double click the home button> hold down on one icon> wait for [x's] to appear> close every app) Then try again. That might help.

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    Tried this several times with no luck.

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    For those with modem that has battery inside: Force firmware update on telephony modem by unplugging and taking battery out then plug in and put battery back in.  It'll force system to update the firmware on modem. It'll take about 10-15 minutes before it's fully operational.  No settings will be lost (WiFi password, et al).  Battery is there mainly for the phone in event of power outage.


    Pictures via iMessage goes thru without a problem.  Problem is a bug in modem's firmware that blocks a certain port iMessage needed to go thru when sending picture.


    Arris TG852.


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    Last week I spoke with Insight and they tell me the ports they have blocked are 137 138 139 445 520 1068 and 1080.


    I'm not smart enough to know what that means but I do know that my iPads both work with my telephone hotspot. I tried them on Bob Evans Wi-Fi and they both will transmit photos in I messaging. My daughter can transmit photos with her iPad through Insight but she has the older style modem not the new digital one. Of course Insight cable disavows any problems so I'm not sure where to go now. Do you have any knowledge about those ports I listed above?

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    Crazy!  Comcast switched out our modem to one made by a different manufacturer and now everything works fine. And photo stream is back!  Yeah!  Thank god I found this forum or I would have been pulling my hair out at the apple store!

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    Did this ever get solved?  I'm having this problem when sending a photo via email - it makes the "whoosh" sending sound, but the email never gets sent (it just disappears - not in any outbox or inbox).

  • rossfromathens Level 1 (0 points)

    That worked for me!

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    Same. Exact. Issue.

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    I'm convinced my problem is with the Arris modem. Insight service rep coming today.

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    Unplug it and take battery out, wait few seconds then put battery back in and plug in.. it'll force it to do firmware update and that should take care of the problem.  Just unplugging it alone won't work because of battery backup (used for phone line).  A stand-alone modem usually do a firmware update check every time it's unplugged from power but telephony modem won't unless battery's taken out.  It'll take quite a few minutes before it's fully operational after doing that.


    I did that just couple days after the cable tech came and says everything's good and says they don't support issues with photos on iMessage.  Totally bullsh*t. Most tech don't know a ****.

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    It is bugger of an issue! I had it all working again for a bit then I added another Apple Device at Christmas (mini) and then it did not work for that device. I tried to do the Turn Off Imessages and all apps hard re-boot and the firmware upgrade on the modem and now it does not work on all my devices again (rrrg!).


    Do you know the firmware number it should be at? I will take look at the thread to see if it is mentioned as well.



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