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    I can't speculate about Apple's motives for this article, but I don't think IR is a normal occurance on IPS panels, nor is it normally seen on iMac's.  I've had several iMacs with IPS panels, not one of them has ever exhibited a bit of IR or "ghosting". I also, prior to purchasing my iMacs poured over the boards and various Mac centered forums, including this Support Community for any problems that purchasers were having.  I recall there was a screen brightness problem on several that persisted, there were other screen problems but ghosting wasn't one of them.  So I think that is an inaccurate if not disengenuous pronouncement.  Ghosting is apparantly occuring on several of the new MBP Retina screens using LG panels.  I don't think this normal or acceptable and I think the solution is that Apple and its team need to get with the panel manufactureres and other engineers and sort out the problem, and then fix the MBP Retina displays that are exhibiting this problem  It should not be an acceptable standard for any Apple product.  No other response is worthy of the standards that Apple has set for itself and its customers.

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    I have the same problem aswell about the image persistence



    They just provide us how to avoid not to solve it. Can we said that the product is not ready to be marketed?


    I am hoping apple guy can response us..