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I have a 2 gen iPod touch earlier today I was browsing on safari and it froze on me. I hit the home button nothing worked so I knew I'd have to restore it. My sleep button has been broken for over a year so I couldn't restart it. I pluged my iPod into the computer to restore it (this would be the second time in 3 weeks). I left and let it do its thing but when I come back an hour later its on the charge screen and it says its unable to restore. I thought this might have come up because my internet connection dropped. So I reset my connection and pull up itunes again and try to restore it only to get the unknown error message. I've gotten this before and fixed it. But NOTHING seems to be working. Btw I have a pc.


I've updated itunes, restarted my computer, ended tasks in task manager, ended the apple mobile device and started it again. I don't know what to do. I tried switching chargers with my sister still didn't work and I pluged my ipod into her computer and got the same error. Its just stuck with the wrong date and time and a green battery. If nothing works will the battery eventually die and I can just plug it back up? Or is it just time for me to get a new ipod? =/

iPod touch, iOS 4.2