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I bought iPhone 5 week ago and in the same day aftet few hours use the Phone was saying "SIM Failure" (AT&T SIM). Needed to reboot the phone and works again.

Now after one week the phone is complaining "No SIM", four times so far today. Every time after one time or two timesboot works again.

Even phone is on the table and push menu button to go out from screen saver there is "No SIM".


So for me this sounds that it is NOT a HW contact problem, but its more likely the SIM interface problem between the phone processor and SIM card.

Same problems were suffered like ten years ago with normal SIM card when it was new and now the new Micro SIM is causing same "childhood disease"!


So, I'm really frustrated if this continues!!


So, Apple please offer soon a SW update with improved SIM_SW to get rid of this!!!

And If You say that just clean or re-insert the SIM, something has gone wrong badly with introducing the micro SIM card!!!


Waiting for SOON fix!!!



iPhone 5, iOS 6