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So I have the latest Apple TV, and the latest high speed iMac. I just set up the apple TV. I first started playing with the apple TV and when I went to the "Computers" icon, it loaded my iTunes music libraries and my iPhoto libraries.


When I updated the appleTV about 10 minutes after first playing with it, the iPhoto library is nowhere to be found.  The only way that I can look at my iPhoto library is to mirror my iMac. Which is in a different room.  Kinda a pain in the butt becuase I have to use the slideshow feature which I don't really like. (My Macbook is mid 2009 and not compatible with mirroring).


Yes, I have the "Choose Photos to Share" setting in iTunes set to where it needs to be.


There's got to be a way to access the photo library with the appleTV where I can scroll through the photos with the remote.


Please Help!!  This was the main reason I bought the apple TV!

AppleTV 2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), This is the 3rd generation appleTV