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There's been lots of talk about the iphone5 battery issues.  I'm one of those unlucky iphone5 owner who got some problems with the batterie.  Some thought it was related to ios6.  I can tell you it has nothing to do with it.  I was concerned about the product quality because of what I was experiencing but I knew it wasn't something that would get out of Apple's control.  They were kind enough to monitor my device and also kind enough to change my phone.  Since I got the new one, I can tell you that my battery issue is forever gone.  I only lost 25% within a period of 11 hours using it normally.  I'm running all features, including LTE,bluetooth, wifi, traffic and so on.  It is performing as well as my iphone4.  So if you have problems with your phone, go back to Apple Store and they will change your device.  I do appreciate Apple!s customer's service and so should you.  As for iOS6, I've upgrated my iphone4, ipad and ipod and there's nothing to worry about.  It's not draining my batteries any faster than iOS5, not at all. 

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