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After getting my new iPhone 5 my tethering is not working. It keeps saying I need to call AT&T to activate tethering but when I call AT&T they don't have any fix or solution for the problem. I've tried all the traditional fixes on the web but nothing seems to work. Not resetting network preferences or even completely restoring my new phone. This seems to be a typical problem that everyone is having with the new iPhone five but there are no real solutions to fix it yet that I can find. Is anyone else having the same problem and been able to fix it?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I too am very frustrated as AT&T is saying it is the Apple software of the hardware.  I have replaced the phone with a new one and still the same problem of tethering not working.  Maybe it is time I go with an Android phone.  I come from a long line of Apple devotees.  We have 8 iphones in my immediate family along with Mac Pros, laptops and iPads.  I just want it fixed and they both are saying it is not them.  I personally believe it is a software issue!