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I am lately encountering this problem with my internet wi-fi connection. It keeps dropping the signal. When I go to Settings to re-connect, it demands the password everytime. After entering the password, every single time there is the message: "Failure to connect" and on the second re-try it works. When I come home after work, the iPad does not automatically connects to the wi-fi. I have to connect it myself everyday then enter the password again and again.


After the connection, I can use my apps that require the internet (until the signal drops again) but there are no notifications from my apps. At the same time, I connected to the 3G internet and all my notifications appeared which were supposed to appear when I connected to the wi-fi. I have the iPad on recharge every night. The next morning when I check my notifications, most of them appeared at the same time (when the wi-fi was working fine). For example, I had a game update that such and such thing is ready 46 minutes ago when it should have been 3 hours before.


Someone suggested to try the "Forget this network" but there is no improvement.


To fix this, I have tried to restart the iPad. I have reset the network settings. Nothing helps


In short,

1) I have to enter password every time I connect

2) Signal keeps dropping

3) The notifications don't appear all the time from the internet apps. The real time notifications come intermittently or when I connect to 3G, they come instantly.