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I recently came across my old Power Macintosh 8100/100 and "Big Blue Monster". I'm not sure of the "Monster's" model but it runs OS9. I have an intel Macbook Pro and am purchasing an iMac shortly. I have really nostalgic games and apps on my old Macs, but from previous experience I know the new intel macs don't support the classic environment. Is there any way to run these old apps and games on my new systems? I don't have the operating system disks for either OS, and I don't really like running multiple OS's using virtual PC or anything. Is there any kind of emulator or anything else I can do to be able to transfer these things to a newer system?

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    Some people have tried Sheepshaver.  It is limited in only running much older MacOS systems, is fussy to install, you have to have copies of the systems, and games which often want direct control of computer hardware do not work well since it is still your OISX in control of the hardware.

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    you are more or less in the same situation that i am in and i learned a long time ago that one machine will not do it all. picture this in your mind. a very old imac or emac sitting on your desk running all your old stuff and sitting right beside it an intel laptop. you don't even need to hook up the internet to the imac. color coordinate your choices if possible.